Sunday, August 26, 2012


Earth's Pulse Oil on linen 80 x 200 cm 2006

It is six years this month since I started my BLOG. I attended a marketing and PR seminar for artists at Brisbane's Metro Arts six years ago...and was very inspired by a fellow who talked about BLOGGING. I came home, did what he said to do ie: check out Blogspot...and six years later here I am.

My first post was on the 9th August 2006 and I have posting about once a week since that day. My first post was about a forthcoming exhibition PULSE: Throb Vibrate Quiver Thrill Rhythm = Sign of Life I did not even upload an image [there's one above that should have been uploaded], nor did I ramble too much...and I am absolutely sure no-one saw or read this post! But, over a period of time, I became more confident and more savvy about linking my BLOG, via other social and related interest sites, so that visitors and followers know there's something new once a week. Yep...'persistence' is my middle name! No not really, but my peristence has reaped wonderful rewards. And some of these rewards are:

  • My BLOG averages around 2,000 - 2,500 visitors per month...and more when there's something really exciting, like an exhibition or a prize to write about. THANK-YOU to all you visitors out there!
  • The regular reflection on my work is now a very important part of my art practice. I really enjoy writing my posts and spend a few hours on each one. This process helps me clarify my thoughts, provokes new ideas and generates inspiration. It also means that when I speak about my work, either in a public presentation or a private conversation, words flow more freely.
  • I've 'met' some very interesting [and supportive] people who follow my BLOG. Their regular interactions, feedback and comments [either via the BLOG or message] are a great delight and provide catalytic inspiration. You know who you are...and thank you!
  • A number of my posts have been picked up by other sites. More recently Scientific America's Symbiartic Science-Art Scumble  Two of my posts have been listed on recent Scumbles ie: Super Heroes and Animals
  • Sometimes, when I am out and about, people mention to me that they read my BLOG. This makes my heart sing!
  • It is a great tool to have when writing artist's statements. It also means I can direct people to posts, rather than rambling on in an email or letter. My children say I ramble!!
So, to some interesting statistics.
  • The most read [popular] post is Airspace and of my 'quiet activist' posts. See image below!
  • The second most popular is Food-A Fantasy In The Future  Another 'quiet activist' post!
  • The third most popular is Ouroboros   where I delve into mythology, religiosity and cosmology.
  • You can see the full list of popular posts on the right column
  • Most of my visitors come from the United States, followed by my home country, Australia.

Airspace and Phantoms Gouache on paper 52 x 63 cm framed

I am working on a new painting...thinking of calling it Time Travel...will see if this feels right when the painting is finished.


Next weekend 1-2 September I have a number of paintings in an exhibition at the Nindooinbah Woolshed exhibition, which will be opened by well known Brisbane art dealer Bruce Heiser  Here's a link to the various ways [cocktail party, high tea, general entry] you can see the exhibition. Nindooinbah is a well known historical homestead near Beaudesert, which is about an hour south of Brisbane. Below are three of the paintings which will be in the exhibition:

Compassion Oil on linen 100 x 100
This painting was in the Directors' Cut online exhibition for the Blake Prize 2011

Finding The Light Oil on linen 100 x 70 cm

Sap of Life Oil on linen 55 x 80 cm


  • Tattersall's Landscape Art Award: I have again been invited to participate in this award and exhibition. The prize money is $25,000. The award will be announced Wednesday 5th September. The exhibition will be on display at Brisbane's Tattersall's Club until September 8, after which it is moved to Waterfront Place, 1 eagel St, Brisbane from 10-21 September.
  • Also, my entry into the Santos Acquisitive Art Prize in Roma has been selected as a finalist. Entries had to reflect upon the 'benefits of La Nina- the abundance that follows rain'. As regular readers know, rain and water, have been important themes in my work for a long time. The prize is announced 31 August.


    Audubon Ron said...

    Six years! Amazing. I know you so well and we've never met.

    Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

    I know Ron!!

    Heather Price said...

    I have met you and I know you well and know you deserve anything good that comes your way - you are always giving so much to others - keep writing and sharing and making you difference xx


    Heather Price said...

    I know you so well - and appreciate all your contributions - keep up the great art and stories,
    Love Heather

    Glendon Mellow said...

    Congratulations Kathryn! Happy Blogiversary! I love Earth's Pulse LOVE IT!

    Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

    Thank you Heather and Glendon for your comments about my 'Blogiversary'! Glendon, glad you like Earth's Pulse. Thanks for visiting! Cheers,