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                                      Birth Of Knowledge and Faith Oil on linen 120 x 160 cm

Birth Of Knowledge and Faith is one of 40 finalists in the 2012 Mandorla Art Award Perth, Western Australia.You can see the winning entry and two highly commended paintings on the Mandorla Facebook Page

Here's the Award brief, taken from the Mandorla website
The Mandorla Art Award employs a thematic spiritual inspiration that changes with each exhibition. These inspirations are defined by quotations from the Bible and all participating artists are requested to interpret these in their own way. The theme for 2012 is ‘born of a woman’, taken from Galatians (4:4).

As regular readers will know, the theme of 'born of a woman', was definitely something that would inspire me!

Galatians is in the New Testament and the quote 'born of a woman' speaks about the birth of Jesus [Christ], as the son of God, born to a woman of flesh and blood, Mary. My metaphoric reading of the extended passage is that the Christ entity/spirit is born within, and to, all of us... as faith. The process of 'birth' delves into the potency of the sacred feminine impulse which exists within us all, man and woman. I have previously written about the sacred feminine. Please check out ADAM AND EVE...AND THAT TREE-Online Exhibition

In Birth Of Knowledge and Faith I have referenced both the Old and New Testaments. How? Well, I was thinking about the two pivotal female characters of both texts, Eve and Mother Mary. As regular readers will know, I see Eve's taking from 'that tree', as the birth of knowledge...that the arrival of 'evil' is representative of the introduction of opposites and the resultant 'space' between them. It is in this 'space' that knowledge in all its extremes and forms is possible. Without antimonies, and the close and far distances in the space between them, there is no knowledge...or the potential for it.  Thank you Eve for being brave enough to take from 'that tree'!

Knowledge and faith, go hand in hand. For me they are dance partners taking us on a journey through the close and far distances between antimonies, where we have potential to 'find' ourselves by experimenting; by finding out who we are not, in order to know who we are. I have previously written that I have faith in complexity, because if things were merely simple, lack of depth would destroy hope... and faith. Please check out FAITH IN IMAGINATION and MAJESTY AND ORDER

Here is my Mandorla Art Award artist's statement for Birth of Knowledge and Faith

Two transcultural/religious trees-of-life/knowledge emanate from a woman’s outstretched arms and feet. She is the ‘sacred feminine’.  In forming a circle she ‘sings’ and ‘dances’ her elemental grace of life continuance. More specifically I was thinking of two biblical women, one from the Old Testament and one from the New, Eve and Mary.
As Eve took from the tree she gave ‘birth’ to Knowledge in the spaces between antimonies. As Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus, the ‘Light of the World’, she also gave birth to Faith.
I imagine that as Eve took from the tree, the world cascaded into the colours and hues that allowed Adam and Eve to ‘see’ each other. I ‘see’ colour as representing Knowledge. In this painting the multi coloured trees and the ‘sacred feminine’ figure are surrounded by halo-like white light. The two trees also meet in a pulse of white. This white light represents Faith.

                                                          DETAIL Birth of Knowledge and Faith

Birth of Knowledge and Faith, also takes on a cosmic appearance, with the circle seemingly hovering in space. I was determined to make the painting look like the birth of the universe ...eliciting the beauty of the Big Bang...enticing us to place human history against that of the universe...and more. I was determined to create an image which 'spoke' of portals...because both knowledge and faith, together and separately, are 'portals' through which our psyches can travel, in search of spirit, meaning, hope. Portals are representative of birth canals, as well as promises of rebirth as re-entering takes us further into the complexity of life. I have previously written about portals...many times...but please check out BEAUTY AS A PORTAL

I was determined to evoke the concept of Mother...Mother Earth, Mother Nature...that eternal propulsion, the urge to create which exists within us all and everything, even as we know death is part of life. Creation and death are also dance partners on the 'stage' where knowledge and faith perform their ebb and flow steps. 

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