Thursday, June 02, 2011


Infinity Oil on linen 100 x 70 cm

Well, I am back on computer deck! My new system seems to be pretty good. But, my head hurts with all the new things and new ways of working. But, I am on top of it!

My new painting above is called Infinity. My much loved transcultural/religious tree-of-life radiates at each end of a central vortex, which encircles the figure of a woman [humanity]. The two trees are connected to each other and beyond. Each tree is encircled with illuminating light, the top tree with multiple new trees painted in yellow and the bottom tree extended by a yellow 'halo'. Yet, if the viewer follows the curve of each tree across the vortex a figure 8 is revealed. On its side this figure symbolises infinity.

The trees-of life also represent life one form or another! Indeed, we humans may be just a blip in the universal/multiversal continuum? The vortex, which regular readers will know, is another of my major interests. More so, the quiet place inside the vortex where stillness pervades with essential forces that allow us to see, hear and feel things we did not could be seen, heard or felt. A place of listening. In this new painting this place of listening is at a cross roads...if you can 'see' the figure 8.

Cross roads have all sorts of associations, but generally they represent choice, whether it be a literal direction or not. Arriving at a metaphoric cross road can be frightening, which often means we don't take the time to settle into the quiet stillness of the vortex core. Instead we thrash around in the turmoil of the outer vortex. This is a time when we often experience the 'dark night of the soul'
I have previously written about this dark night, but not in a wollowing way. Instead, I added the word 'beyond' ie: Beyond The Dark Night Of The Soul, to give some hope of being able to pass through the experience

Infinity also contains a portal...regular readers will know I like them too!. The portal is created by the circle of blue leaves which seems to invite the viewer inside...or is it outside?

Public concern about the coal seam gas industry has increased incredibly here in Australia in the last few months. Regular readers will know of my thoughts! The concern is now not predominantly from rural areas, but also from the city and eastern seaboard. There have been a number of peaceful protests in the last week. Check out:

Please read my previous post to pick up two more articles, one written by a biochemist refuting the claim that gas is more environmentally friendly than carbon. The other article is written by an environmental lawyer. He makes some very pertinent comments about the consultative process, cumulative issues and future generations.


My personal opinion is that if things do not change, issues surrounding the CSG industry will see some of the most vehement protesting and public outrage Australia has seen. Why, because if food, water and the environment are under threat people's basis instincts for survival are threatened. Recent incidences such as a gas well blow out on a property at Daandine [not far from where I grew up] certainly cause major worry. The media, across the country, is now also reporting on such issues.

Just a reminder that my exhibition 'Paradise' at Purgatory Artspace in Melbourne is 8 Sept -8 Oct. Opening Friday 9 September.

Paradise Oil on linen 62 x 82 cm


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