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                                Super Mum oil on board 30 x 30 cm

I am a single parent...a single mother...and have been for 11 years. My children were 8, 5 and 2, eleven years ago. I cannot remember much of the first 5 to 6 years of our new life in Brisbane. It was just so, so frantic.

My children are older now, and don't need the kind of supervision and attention small children demand. However, my housekeeping standards have not returned to those I held dear in 1999. I let go of a huge amount of pride in housekeeping between 2000-2006 and I now don't really notice unmade beds, piles of ironing, crumbs on the kitchen bench! Though, I do have a hissy fit if the kitchen rubbish bins get so full that the rubbish starts filling the airspace above  ie: they're doomed to collapse [can't the kids see that????]!

Being the single parent, who has the children most of the time, is incredibly demanding. But, it is also very rewarding to witness and be part of their lives...and also to have others comment on how grounded, gorgeous and mature they are...that makes my heart sing!

As an artist, I work at home and this has been fantastic, because I have been available for my children. I am at home when they get home from school, I can pick them up from school or from whatever sport and other extra-curricular activities they undertake. I have been able to collect them when I've been called by the school to say they are sick. I have attended a range of sports carnivals, music recitals and so on. One of my children was very sporty at primary school and was a champion at a variety of I trod the well worn track to a number of school, district and regional titles...I think we made it to a couple of State ones too. My attendance was enthusiatically welcomed when the children were primary school age, before they started thinking I was totally embarrassing...yep teenager time! 'Mum, why can't you dress like the other Mums?'...well.... if your Mum is an artist....!

But, this all sounds very much like many Mums and Dads. The only thing is...when you do it on your own, day in and day out, it is exhausting. There are other elements which people may not think either of my eldest children had early morning [ie: 6.30 am] sports training, I had to wake the youngest to take her too. I could not leave her at home alone. Her teachers often commented on how tired she seemed some days.

So, I think you will understand my willingness to be involved in two curated fundraising exhibitions to be held in Brisbane. They are::
In both cases funds raised go towards helping provide services to women [WLSQ], and to children who have been abused [ACT for Kids].

In both cases the artwork is selected by a curator, and then hung be the curator.

                               From The Heart  Oil on linen 85 x 147 cm 2008

This painting above, serendipitously titled 'From The Heart' is one of ten paintings being auctioned at the Women's Legal Service 'From The Heart' exhibition. The curator has selected another 3 of my paintings for the general exhibition. If you are interested in bidding please make contact with the WLSQ. This is my short artist's statement for 'From The Heart':

We can send love to anyone/anything anywhere at anytime. What it 'looks' like will be different for each person. When I imagine sending love I imagine a white light emanating from my heart to encompass the person, thing or the Earth...and yes even the universe. In this painting the tree-of-life cascades as white light to encompass great distances.

                                Sending Love Oil on linen 90 x 180 cm 2009

The painting above 'Sending Love' will be in the ACT for Kids exhibition, along with 3 other of my paintings.
The statement above, for the painting From The Heart is certainly exemplified in this painting as well. I chose to enter it for selection to the ACT for Kids exhibition, because I feel it embodies the sentiments and emotions people feel when confronted with the sad stories, lived daily by abused children.

Here are the websites again:

This post is a departure from my posts and paintings about water and coal seam gas! But, hey I'm sending everyone LOVE!


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