Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well. It is party time and I've been to a few parties over the last 10 days. Thus, I have not had the time or the disposition to post anything for awhile. Also, my computer had to have some loving attention from the Computer Fixit place [Concorde Computers ...very good]and I was without my conduit to cyberspace for four days.

Firstly, parties. One of the parties I went to was a fantastic 60th birthday party with a theme inviting guests to really dress up. I was extatic as I have had this pink number in my wardrobe for about five years and have only worn it once before. So, here was a great opportunity to doll up and wear my fab pink, backless dress. This is the dress that enduces my youngest to tenderly say to me, "Mummy, when you die can I have your pink dress?" I reply that I will die when I am 100 and she will be 63 and I am sure she'll look terrific in my backless pink evening dress.

I have posted this photo because SO few photos of me all dressed up are taken... and I am getting older...and while I think I still look ok I am going to show off!

My eldest daughter straightened my hair for the party...no mean feat. She also helped me with my hairdo. The only blight about the hair straightening episode, which took place in her room, was that when my daughter finished she put the straightener on the floor and I promptly stood on it. I lay screaming with pain amongst her strewn clothes and debris as the intense heat scorched the sole of my foot. I lay there crying, "Ice, Ice, Ice!" My daughter did actually feel sorry for me and ran to get the ice which she placed on my foot. Teenage children do not see parents in intense pain often and I think it is an eye opener [and possibly a bit scary] to see us vulnerable.

But, even with a scorched foot I headed off into the night to the party and had a great time. My foot is now very, very itchy.

Now to the experience of being without my computer for four days. This is slightly worrying. I really, really missed it!!! I pined for it and I dreamt about it. My daughter says I am 'sick'. I did reassure her that I miss her so much more when she is not here! But, what is this? Missing my computer? I have to think about my relationships!

The painting above is called 'Force Field' 30 x 30 cm, Oil on board. You can have your own guess at what it might mean in light of my revelations above...and more.

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