Sunday, December 10, 2006


Ok...Bring it on! I reckon this lady is ready for anything. Notice the long plait. Yep...she's me. Her twirly hands remind me a bit of an ad I recently saw on TV for Smallville . I really loath Smallvile, but according to the ad apparently Clark/Superman is confronted by a mighty competitor in the form of some kind of aqua-hero. In the ad this chisel chested super hero hits the water diving effortlessly and brutally below the surface to challenge a nervous looking Clark/Superman. The aqua-hero then causes some kind of miracle vortex of water to form in each of his hands. He then hurls them through the H2O in a fierce attack upon poor Clark/Superman. The super hero's face is contorted with hatred and blood thirst. Love it. Thank goodness I did not have to watch the whole episode to get the gist of the story!

Now whilst I have said this woman is me I'm pretty sure I really don't want to attack anyone. I'll sleep on this tonight asking my subconscious to reveal anything I should be aware of!

Bring It On 30 x 30 cm Oil on board will be exhibited at the Doggett Street Gallery Christmas Exhibition, 85 Doggett St, Newstead- Friday 15 December 6-9 pm and on Saturday 16 th December 10am-2pm.

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