Monday, October 25, 2021


Biped and Quadruped: Warfighters Oil on linen 60 x 110 cm 2021

Recent news of a weaponised quadruped robot caught my interest - and dismay.

But, was I surprised?  No. 

Biped and Quadruped: Warfighters 
My new painting Biped and Quadruped Warfighters places two figures in circles against a violent red background 'landscape'. The human-like torso is equipped with multiple sensors and antennae. Here, I have also 'played' with Microsoft's recently touted networkable military grade goggles that use an 'Integrated Visual Augmentation System' to enhance soldier situational awareness. The other figure is a robotic weaponised quadruped - I refuse to call it a dog!

Is the human-like torso actually a human being, or is it also a robot, or an anthropomorphised representation of a system? You decide!

I placed each figure in a circle to denote their compliance with a network, with a 'cloud'. This refers to a few other recent paintings. Two examples are Theatre of War: Infrared and Theatre of War: Everywhere Cloud 

The quadruped warfighter seems to lead the other warfighter - they both face the same direction. The quadruped leads as a lethal scout.

Recurring Question
I have lots more to say! - but a recurring question I have is - How do we memorialise when the warfighter is no longer human? And, a new question has been prompted by this painting - 

How do we memorialise when the warfighter was never alive?

And, just in case you missed it!


My interview with Mick Cook from The Dead Prussian Podcast is live! We discuss my work, research, creative practice and the future of war. I am thrilled to be given opportunities like this! 

The term 'Dead Prussian' refers to nineteenth century General Carl von Clausewitz, who wrote the famous tome On War. Regular readers will know that I reference Clausewitz in my Theatre of War series of paintings. Clausewitz uses the term 'theatre of war' variously and often in On War.


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