Sunday, July 08, 2012


                                Galactic Horizons And beyond Oil on linen 85 x 150 cm

New discoveries in physics and cosmology are pushing our 'horizons' in all directions. The announcement this week of the discovery of the Higgs boson, has captured people's imaginations, taking possibility beyond previous limits. This quantum particle, propels the universal picture. Not only has the Higgs field been described as being like a superconductor, it is also transports imagination and ignites new questions.

My new painting Galactic Horizons And Beyond was started weeks ago, and as regular readers know, it fits within a 'cosmic' subtheme in my work. I have used my much loved age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life to create a 'scape', which may or may not be earth bound, but it is about life. It could be the edge of a galaxy, another planet, a grain of cosmic dust. It's up to you! Beyond, galaxies dance across a vast sky, some shifting closer and others receding.

As the universal [or maybe multiversal] world in which we live, reveals itself, I believe it becomes more evident that global and local perceptions are not enough. There needs to be more. There needs to be a cosmic perception too. One where we can see ourselves from the distant reaches of both the quantum and cosmic realms, where it becomes apparent that everything is connected. These perspectives could possibly... maybe more than likely... change how we view ourselves locally and globally, leading to new and more sustainable ways of living. We just have to imagine...the science invites us to!

Now I am going to have an imaginative play. I've been thinking about this Higgs field. Hey, what if it replicated the branches of trees? What if the field has variations, like there are many types of trees? If you think about the wind passing through the leaves of a tree, it passes differently according to the size, shape, etc of the leaves. I remember, in Goondiwindi, I planted a large garden. In it, I had a spinny of sheoaks. The wind whistled when it passed through the spinny of spiney long leaves. Yet, where I had mass planted eucalypts, the wind was not as restrained. It passed through more easily.

In September 2010 I wrote a post called 'Master Template'. In it I suggested that the tree may hold clues to the energy forces propelling the Universe and more. I wrote, I wonder if it holds the code to, what could be called, the master template. In my imagination I can 'see' how the tree, with its branches and roots, hints at the substance of the nano at the same time as hinting at the forces which propel the universal and vast. I wonder!!!!


Cosmic Dust
Addicted To Surprise


  • My entry for the $25,000 Mandorla Art Prize in Perth is a finalist. The award is announced 10 August. I will upload an image once the exhibition is live!
  • Also, my book FOR EVERYONE is moving along! Check it out HERE
  • Nindooinbah Woolshed Exhibition - September 1-2. I am one of about 11 artists invited to exhibit at this historical venue. Well known Brisbane Gallery Director Bruce Heiser will be opening the exhibition. Check out the flyer

AND, this great photo of me [below] with my dog, was taken recently by fabulous photographer Gillian von Niekerk from Vann Photography, for an article which will be appearing in the next Highlife Downs Living Magazine [Spring Edition] I will let everyone know when the article comes out!

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