Sunday, July 15, 2012


All Of Us Gouache on paper 15 x 21 cm

I have three stretched canvases ready to paint. I've prepared the initial layers of paint and ideas are tripping through my brain. I am going to start on one after I have written this post. And, it will be linked to this new work on paper, above, titled All Of Us.

Regular readers will immediately recognise my much loved age old transcultural/religious tree-of-life. Yes, it's the 'shadow' [seemingly] behind the two figures, one male and one female. This 'shadow' represents variously, all history, geneology, human race evolution.

Yet, the figures are ambigiously orientated. Are they looking into past history with their backs to the future? Are they looking forward to unwritten future history with their backs to the past? Are they able to see all past and future histories with abilities to view from multiple perspectives simultaneously? The latter is a sophisticated way of viewing the world and the universe. I believe, in the 21st century, that we are being invited [perhaps implored] to 'see' this way. I suggest being able to see multiple perspectives simultaneously will enable humankind to [re]ignite imagination, wonder and compassion, to reveal better questions, which ultimately will lead to better answers. These answers, may lead to more questions, but the result could go beyond sustainability of the planet [and humankind] to something more. 


                                                   Cosmic Frisson Oil on linen 90 x 180 cm

I have just sold Cosmic Frisson [above] to a new hospital! Very excited.

  • My entry for the $25,000 Mandorla Art Prize in Perth is a finalist. The award is announced 10 August. I will upload an image once the exhibition is live.My painting is called Birth of Knowledge.



josabrim said...

I may not be the first to see it, but the painting "All Of Us" seems to expand every time I look at it, or around it. The effect is so strong I actually wondered if the image was animated, and we were zooming in for a closer look!
In much the same way as a firework lights up the sky and expands, taking our eyes with it, this image has the same effect on me. It certainly creates a three, or even four-dimensional view of the multi-perspectives.
Quite stunning.

josabrim said...

It also seems very brain-like to me, and I find that appealing too.
Yep! Plenty of food for thought in this one.

josabrim said...

It also seems very brain-like to me, and I find that appealing too.
Yep! Plenty of food for thought in this one.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Jo,
I love that you see many dimensions or perspectives in this painting. I aim to provide an experience! Plus, 'seeing' the brain [and maybe other life propelling organs] makes me smile. The tree, I believe, tries to tell us, that it holds the template for everything?!