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Short video of PARADISE

PARADISE @ Purgatory Artspace
170 Abbotsford St
North Melbourne
Victoria, Australia
03 9329 1860

Exhibition Dates: 8 September - 8 October
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm

AND Please come to:



Saturday 24 September
Purgatory Artspace

Light refreshments afterwards
Not so much concerned with the entertainment value attributed to popular culture, this artist’s work grapples with the ideological issues which haunt global politics today and seeks to express bonds of commonality rather than the disparateness of race, religion or politics. To this end, her images utilize an iconographical language that is global in its dimension. Her thematic use of arboreal imagery provides a point of access which crosses both histories and cultures to collapse the difference between east and west.  
Christine Dauber Ph D. (Dean's Honours) MA, BA Honours (Art History) University of Queensland

AND, here are some photos of PARADISE


PARADISE'S opening on Friday night [9 September] was a huge amount of fun. I had some 3 D glasses for people to look at the paintings with if they wanted. Well, the remarks of astonishment and surprise at how many of my paintings separated into multiple layers, when viewed with the 3 D glasses, certainly added to the ambiance of the event. Lots of conversation, questions and fantastic feedback about PARADISE.

As regular readers of this BLOG are aware, I did not know my paintings had a 3 D potential until quite recently. A visitor to my exhibition FRISSON last year suggested that I should try 3 D glasses. He actually went home and brought some back for me. And, wow! This same visitor returned to my exhibition VORTEX earlier this year and brought some 3 D glasses, which he gave to me. Again, many of the paintings in VORTEX separated into multiple layers, with some so amazingly 3D that I felt I could reach behind the figures and trees etc.

So, I decided that for PARADISE I would buy a number of 3 D glasses to have at the exhibition for people to enjoy. And, from my experience at the opening night and again on Saturday, when I stayed at the exhibition, the 3D glasses certainly added to people's enjoyment of the exhibition. The 3 D glasses are still there for people to use while the exhibition is on.


Regular readers will also know that I can't just sit with the 3D phenomena as mere entertainment! Given my interest in multiple perspectives, both literal and metaphoric, I think the 3D quality is an amazing outcome. Although unintentional the 3Dness of my paintings has possibly been manifested from 'other' subconscious or intuitive places. Ideas of multi dimensionality and perspectivity, experienced intellectually and emotionally, spatially and temporally, inspire much of my work. Here is one previous post where I write about some of my ideas on perspective.

A paradise can be a physical space or a place deep within our inner psyches. Humankind's quest to find paradise either as a physcial place of perfection or an inner peace, is ongoing. However, what if paradise is here and now? What if the quest blinds us to the perfection that already exists? As I think about the 3D quality of my paintings I wonder if the dimensionality requests the viewer to ponder these questions. I wonder if we need to take time to look beyond the surface? New media and technology seem to promise 'other' worlds, perhaps new utopias and paradises, but what if this promise is an illusion, another diversion? Indeed, technology's urgency to garner attention leaves us attending to many things, sometimes all at the same time. Fleeting images and sound bites maybe exhausting us as they scatter our attention, or even more concerning, train us the skim across the surface of life.

One other interesting thing about seeing my paintings through 3D glasses, is that once the glasses are taken off, it's as if the eye has been trained to see the paintings in 3D. Whilst the effect is not as strong, the naked eye starts to discern the multiple layers and the paintings do not retreat to a flat surface. Now, is this a metaphor for exposing ourselves to new ways of seeing?! 





All the paintings are for sale and range from $650 AUD for the small 30 x 30 cm ones [photo number 6] to $7,300 AUD for the large painting 'Cosmic Dust' [in middle of photo number 3]. The three paintings 'Finding The Light', 'Infinity' and 'Meeting Place Of The Mind' are all $3,900AUD [photo number 5] This gives you an idea of the price range.

Please check out Carolyn McDowall's article about PARADISE

OH! AND!!!
The Tattersall's Landscape Art Prize was announced last week. Joe Furlonger won the $25,000 by invitation only prize.

The exhibition has now been moved from the Tattersall's Club for public viewing at Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane CBD. The exhibition will continue there until Friday 23rd September. More details at this link:

My painting 'The Beginning Of Everything: Remembering Distance' Oil on linen 90 x 180 cm is in the exhibition. here's teh post I wrote at the time of painting it.


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