Monday, September 26, 2011


Paradise and Colour of Knowledge are in the background

Before I get to discussing FOR EVERYONE here are two photos of me gesticulating, as I chatted away, at my Artist's Talk, which was on Saturday at PARADISE, Purgatory Artspace 170 Abbotsford St, North Melbourne. Yes, people came! I was very happy!

Art Historian, Dr Christine Dauber led the 'conversation' with some very interesting questions and comments, exploring my use of age old symbols through to my 'quiet activist' paintings about the environment [particularly water and coal seam gas]. Fundamentally, though, I believe, my paintings, through employing and re-interpeting the transcultural/religious age-old symbol of the tree-of-life, agitate for an all-encompassing 'call' to pay attention to environmental issues. As regular readers will know I believe beauty, with its underlying but elided pathos, has the agency to remind us of what we lose if we don't pay attention. Here are a couple of links to previous posts on beauty

And a video on Youtube.

Also, you might be interested in looking at CLIMARTE: Arts For A Safe Climate There is a wonderful quote, mentioning beauty, by Bill McKibben on the homepage, plus if you click on his name you get taken to an article he wrote in the Huffington Post. Here's his website too 

And please watch the video, on the CLIMARTE site, of Climarte co-founder Guy Abrahams presenting, on the power of the arts, at a conference in Mackay.

PARADISE has two more weeks to go. It ends on Saturday 8 October. Gallery hours 11 am - 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday. PH: 61 3 9329 1860  E:

Please check out Carolyn McDowall's article about PARADISE

All the paintings, details and prices are on my website online gallery PARADISE


My book FOR EVERYONE is available for sale!
You can order it through Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble

Great For Christmas!...for everyone!

I will be launching FOR EVERYONE next February at Fireworks Gallery, here in Brisbane. I will keep you posted when actual dates are confirmed. I will be exhibiting the 30 paintings in FOR EVERYONE at the launch too.

Here's a taster for what's inside FOR EVERYONE


Why did the slow tortoise and the fast hare race each other?
Steady wins the race, so the moral goes.
But, do mismatched races benefit anyone?

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