Monday, May 10, 2010


                                          Sharing The Spaces Gouache on paper 21 x 30 cm paper size

'Yes' is a pretty positive word. So, I thought I'd write a post about saying 'yes' to art. I have been thinking about my small exhibiton 'Presence' in Maleny opening next week, and it came to me that what makes an artist's heart sing, after the creation of a piece of art, is the word 'yes'.

An artist's heart sings when a gallery says 'yes' they will exhibit the artist's work. The singing continues when someone says 'yes' to buying an artist's work. The heart bounces with excited anticipation when 'yes' is said by competition preselectors that an artist's entry is a finalist. Oh, and the heart dances and sings when a 'yes' is an announcement that the artist's entry has won a competition. An artist's heart sings warmly when someone says something that illustrates they totally 'get' what the artist is trying to achieve. The heart sings joyfully when a curator says 'yes' to including an artist's work in a curated exhibition.

And...then when the artist views their bank accounts to see that their creations are providing funds for further art making and all the other things needed or wanted in life, the air is punched with a resounding song 'Yes, yes, yes!'

Why buy art? Why say that word that makes an artist's heart sing...'YES'? Apart from any investment potential [and that's a whole subject in itself!] when someone purchases a piece of art they are not just aquiring a product...they are buying a piece of the artist and a piece that somehow resonates with them. Thus, they are buying something that is shared even though it may be not be consciously identified. These sharings include,  memories, hopes, visions, curiosities, fetishes, fantasies and I am sure you can think of more. As I have suggested before on this BLOG, maybe the resonation happens at a cellular level in that huge part of our DNA which has not yet been unravelled, but where human race memory may exist. So the connection between the artist as creator and the buyer is one founded in what it means to be human.

I have often had collectors of my paintings say to me that they see somethig new in my work each day. This brings me joy, because it means my work has a continuing life which potentially will continue for a long time or even forever! YES!

Please check out my previous post PRESENCE for the details of my exhibition coming up next week. YES! YES! YES!



Audubon Ron said...

I need to get the cosmos to tell my wallet yes first. Then maybe, yes.

Kay said...

I wish for more yeses for all of us artists!