Sunday, May 23, 2010


Together Gouache on paper 30 x 21 cm [SOLD]

'Presence' opened on Thursday night last week in Maleny at the buzzing Upfront Club. The club is run by the Maple Street Co-operative, which also runs a great shop selling all sorts of good things for you. Maleny is a world leader in co-operative kinds of enterprises.

The opening was lots of fun, with quite a number of people there to see my paintings and hear my short speech, which was received with enthusiasm! Give me a microphone and words tumble out of my mouth! It is very exciting when you can connect people to like minded others...and this happened in a beautiful way too. Photos are on there way and once they get to me I will upload onto the BLOG and tell you more.

After my exhibition 'Frisson' in March I decided to take a little rest from painting, because quite frankly I was exhausted. But, no rest from thinking, reading and so on. My date to re-enter my studio enforce is June 1. I am getting itchy fingers and will admit to dabbling with some works on paper. But, I have 9 new linen stretchers of varying sizes sitting in my garage/studio and they are beckoning! As I have written and said before, the blank canvas is never really blank, because an artist's mind's eye creates many images upon the blankness before deciding to take hold of the brush to make that first visible mark. The preceeding imagined images still exist within that first mark and those that follow though.

So, where are my thoughts for my new paintings taking me? Well... they traverse the immensity and intimacy of both the nano and the universal. I am 'seeing' things that in one instance could be miniscule, but in another instance further thought opens the initially perceived dimension to something so immense it is almost without size. My much loved transcultural/religious tree-of-life is still a central guiding motif because at every turn of thought I 'see' it as providing the clue to the archetype of everything!

Books such as "The Brain That Changes Itself' by Dr. Norman Doidge and 'Our Final Century' by Prof. Martin Rees have given me SO much to ponder. The immensity of the unknown is clearly negotiated with both intellect and imagination. In fact, without imagination and creativity one wonders where knowledge would be?

Imagination as well as intellect helps us to search for and find the links and similarities between people. On the universal scale, something all humankind [past, present and future] share is our planet Earth. And, whilst it might seem like it is the centre of the Universe, it is not, and whatever Earth's future is, it is our's too. The new scientific breakthrough where artificially created DNA has been placed within an emptied cell, which has then replicated itself, is both amazing and horrifying. Rees discusses the upside and downside potential of this kind of breakthrough in his book, even though in the early 2000s this kind of breakthrough was only imagined. He also spends some time looking at risk [any kind of risk to our planet and humanity] and it is in this discussion that imagination and extrapolation are significant. However, what is obvious is that risk is something which all of humanity must acknowledge as shared. As Rees also points out we need to think not of just our present selves, but also the potential risk to future generations over time.

Imagination often presents us with a scenario, an image, a thought which for some time satisfies us, but sometimes a new piece of information, will propel the initial imagined scenario, image or thought into further dimensions. Those imagined things can unfold to reveal synchronicities, prophetic vibes and unconsious 'knowings' that were not acknowledged or 'seen' in the intitial imaginings. When this happens it feels like imagination is an energy force, that can 'see' around corners.


Seeping Into The Intimate Vastness Oil on linen 80 x 120 cm $4000 *

Here's a suggestion! If you are from around Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast  Take a Leisurely drive to Maleny, brouse around the shops, have lunch at the Upfront Club...and see my paintings!!! Or better still stay in the Monteville/Maleny area for the weekend, then you could take in a live music gig at the Upfront Club too.

* The price is for the exhibition 'Presence' which ends 15 June. This is the current market price and will be maintained or increased after 15th June.


Kay said...

Kathryn..I wish I could see your show but thanks for posting your lovely paintings..

Audubon Ron said...

Kathryn: (Whenever I type your name formally like I just did it means I’m being serious and request your full undivided attention, with respect b/c I’m your elder).

This is an upbeat favorable report. You are a pro in every sense.

“Photos are on there way.” - Can’t wait.

“So, where are my thoughts for my new paintings taking me? Well... they traverse the immensity and intimacy of both the nano and the universal.” - That’s just ducky. Flocks are fun and ducks are dandy. No dilly-dally-duck at work here. What me? I would never pass a subtle hint. :)

With DNA, if the planet regenerated the same copy over and again I hope it would look like you. Okay, mostly like me, but you too. DNA research is freaky and will lead to no good thing in the end, I believe. I actually don’t want the same dog all my life. There is a great film about that entitled Moon. Filmed in 2009 it’s a futuristic vision about mining the outer space for sources of energy. There is something that happens along the adventure I can’t reveal as not to mess the big revelation about DNA but the main guy parcels material, “Helium 3,” which is a “for-real” isotope, which does exist on the moon in large measure and one shuttle load could power “all’ of the US’ energy needs for 6 months. Good movie, I recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

“unconsious 'knowings'” - I like that. Art and science borrow cups of sugar from one another on a daily basis.

Not sure I can see around corners, but my mother could throw a shoe around corners.

In seriousness I jest as neither to influence nor to alter. I look forward with you and to you as you waltz the canvas. In the word of the old ballet teacher of mine Madam Paryaslovic while I would stretch at the bar and as she smacked my butt one time real hard with a cane, she would say, “Continue.” I think she was a perv. Anyway, look forward to new things.

My current read, The Art of War by Sun Tzu. The second most important book I ever read.

Sam Hollingsworth said...


Again thank you for your comments. I marvel at the technology that permits people from anywhere around the globe to remain in contact. Being able to share experiences particularly as art makers is very satisfying.

I have posted more work that you might like


Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Ron, Your comments are always a joy to read. I have tor ead them a few times to completely 'get' it. But, I laugh and I think! I have not seen 'Moon' but will now get it on DVD to watch. So, I am getting to teh stage of my 'little rest' where I am itching to paint. Maybe my deadline to re-enter teh studio will be brought forward a few days. I think you're right about your cane thwacking ballet teacher.