Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am still working on the painting I wrote about in my last blog post. It is evolving well methinks!
I thought I would show you some of my older works on paper. Some of them have been exhibited once and a couple not at all.

It is an interesting thing being an artist for all sorts of reasons. But, logistics is not something most people would think about an artist needing. By logistics I mean how to give our work a life beyond the studio, before it becomes too old for competitions and exhibitions...unless of course one has reached that stage where curated survey or retrospective exhibitions herald an arrival into the serious realms of art history.

Most competitons require an artist's entry to be no more than a year old. There are a few competitions which allow up to two years. When an artist has a solo exhibition it is expected that the work on show is recent...probably within the 2-3 years. Once an artist has exhibited a work of art in an exhibition, and it has not sold, it really cannot be exhibited again in that geographic area, unless it is a finalist in a competition. So, artists have to look interstate to exhibit their work again in order for it to have a life beyond storage in the studio.

So, it is with delight that I am showing these older works which have not really had an opportunity to strutt their stuff properly.

Spirited Mixed Media On Paper 56 x76 1993 $1600 AUD Unframed

I was thinking about and very interested in the force of atoms and the energy created. My tree-of-life is here! Readers of my blog will know that this motif is a favourite and recurrent motif of mine. In this case i was thinking abut the life force of atoms.

Super Mum Mixed Media on Paper 76 x 56 cm 1994 $1600 AUD Unframed

I painted this image when I had two small children and felt my energies stretched to the limits. This woman seems to have multiple arms! And again my tree-of-life motif is inside the womb-like ball under the woman's arm.

Earth's Spirits Gouache and Watercolour on paper 104 x 75 cm $3000 AUD Unframed

This painting was exhibited in an exhibition called Knitting Time at Whitebox Gallery in Brisbane. The paintings in this exhibition had been inspired by a friend's novel. Her name is Lesley Synge

See The Traces Gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm 2001 $1600 AUD Unframed

I have palyed with perspective in this ambiguous landscape. I had been living in Brisbane for about a year after living in Goondiwindi in western Queensland for 18 years. I moved with my 3 children then aged 2,5 and 8 because I got divorced. Once in Brisbane my landscapes took on a searching within my memory. I was and still am interested in multi perspectives and the power developing skills in perspective gives to humanity. At this point in time, in the early 2000s, I was understandably considering my options, looking at my past and examining myself and my life from new and sometimes frightening perspectives.

Inside The Landscape Gouache on paper 2004 Sold
This painting is a continuation of my interests mentioned for the painting above.

In The Air Gouache on Paper 56 x 76 cm 2005 $1600 AUD Unframed
I have alwys loved the aerial view and this image is surely an aerial view highlightng again my interest in exploring different perspectives. I think of the old saying...The girl can leave the country but the country never leaves the girl!

At Close Distance Gouache on paper 56 x 76 cm 2005 $1600 AUD Unframed

This is a really beautiful painting...if I say so myself! I have delved inside the landscape to reveal its intimate parts. Yet, at the same time the vastness of the landscape is evident. Hence the title 'At Close Distance' which plays with ideas of distance being far and close.

So, this is a brief online exhibition of some of my older paintings. I have chosen ones I really like!
* All prices exclude freight and framing. However, both can be organised. Prices may go up without notice, but these listed here will be maintained for 3 months from the date of this post.
In January 2010 I am having another exhibition at the Upfront Club in Maleny My Mum's exhibition 'Invisible Cities' opened there on Thursday night and is up until Septmeber 22. You must go and see it if you can!!!!
In March 2010 I am having a solo exhibition @ Joshua Levi Galleries 4 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba I am so looking forward to this as I have not had a solo exhibition of new works for two years.
My entry into the $15000 Manning Art Prize is a finalist! The winner is announced on September 19


Audubon Ron said...

Love these. Very spiritual.

Audubon Ron said...

I took at few moments while I’m up tonight and CAN’T SLEEP, to review your paintings again and then read the derivation of the painting. A few observations, hope you don’t mind:

Spirited – I really like this one, mostly for the atypical forms and color not often seen in your other paintings. Even the ToL is different. I haven’t noticed too many browns in other paintings and love it here but the bright silvery eyeliner highlights in the tree and behind the falling sphere give it a comet tail look billowing reflection as the two images merge into one. The lines in the background furnish the whole canvass with movement. And thank you for the circling atomic nucleus. It’s doesn’t make me car sick or hypnotized when looking at it, but I instantly recognize its mission.

Super Mum – The first thought for me was arch angel in a corner of the foundation of the universe. Bright, rich and handsome. Then after reading the goods about the inspiration, I can see that also. Which, is another thing I admire about your work and about you, many interpretation can be made, and all of the selections are enjoyable. I can only believe that I would find you enjoyable as a person. (Not flirting here)

Earth's Spirits – Having that classical ballet training, I see cosmic La Sylphide here, my favorite ballet. But that’s me. Again, movement. One would have an opportunity to cookie cutter the sylphs or make too much randomness, but you have provided symmetry and difference. The background provides upwardness.

See The Traces – This one I can’t describe. I too was going through a divorce in the early 2000s. Kind of a fire and ice period. Divorce has many unforeseen difficulties.

Inside The Landscape – Soothing, nice, peaceful. Love the blues. Again, very rich.

In The Air – I like the goods behind this painting and agree with you about the country in the girl, which applies to guys also. This shows your interior decorator side. I wouldn’t mind painting a room in my house these colors. For now, this is the bathroom scene for me.

At Close Distance – Yes, the good are right on, close/distance. I love this also and have spent the most time studying it. At the edge of the horizon, it looks like a sunrise to me, and the old saying, “Red sky at night sailors’ delight, red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.” This one is “fix’in” as we say here – its fix’in to do something.

You say, “So, this is a brief online exhibition of some of my older paintings. I have chosen ones I really like!”

Thank you Kathryn, this was a fun for me.

moneythoughts said...

Thanks for posting your older works. I enjoyed seeing your older works on paper. I hear what you are saying about logistics, but with the Internet, the world is your market. I suggest that the next time you post older works that you are willing to sell, that you include a price. Then if someone is interested in buying a painting, they know whether it is for sale.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Dear Fred,
Thanks for your comments. I have gone back to the post and put prices on each piece still available. I never know whether to do this or not, but thank you for encouraging me.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Dear Ron,

Many thanks for taking the time to really consider and think about my work. Glad they provided some distraction from your insomnia.

I really appreciate seeing your thoughts. I was particularly thrilled with your insights into 'Earth's Spirits'. Whilst I went to ballet classes from age 3 until 10 [when I was told I was too tall and had not progressed!] I did not 'see' the dancing element, which I now see as quite distinct.

I note your comments about the colours in 'Spirited'. I used charcoal in this one and its legacy is a earthier tone to the work. I have a couple of others left from this series which I might upload onto the BLOG at some stage too.

'At Close Distance' is very much about the a metaphor that our horizons can be outside of us or inside of us...close and/or far.


Charlotte Rossmann said...

I really like your work, very beautiful.
I'm not sure that the art world has to be so rigid. Can't we just do what we want to with our own work? I do know what you mean about the exhibits but as independent, creative spirits maybe it's time to make our own rules.

moneythoughts said...


I really like the blue piece with all the women. I hope you will not be upset with me for saying that I think that piece could be used to commercial success. I think it would make a lovely textile piece with a repeating pattern. When I look at it, it just seems to lend itself to this purpose in my mind. I could see it as a lovely print, but not for men, perhaps.

Audubon Ron said...

Hey you know, Moneythoughts is right. I've often thought your work needs to be in high stress corporate office environments. Like now, I've just had the week from hell in my proferssional life (actually two weeks) and I'm visiting you for diversion. Tonight I plan to sit here and just look into many of your paintings.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Fred,
Your comment about my work possibly being good for textiles, is something others have said also. I don't mind at all. In fact, some people think at first glance that some of my paintings are textiles even in the flesh ie: not in photographs.

I have been working on a new painting which I am uploading tomorrow. It has taken awhile to get it to where I think it achieves what I am after.