Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Moment

I am intensely interested in the idea that a frisson is a 'distance' which can be close and/or far and that the space between is replete with anticapatory energy. For instance the moment before a romantic kiss, when the distance between two people is physically close but not closed, is full of heightened anticipation and possibility. This brief moment ‘sees’ time and space dancing with each other causing a rich frisson where everything seems to stand still and the world seems distance-less.

This new painting above is called 'A Moment' and I wanted to give the impression that time and space dance intimately in a suspended frisson. I wanted to 'picture' a moment. I have used my much loved tree-of-life motif to represent past and future. I also deliberately used the circle to represent time as cyclical rather than linear. The circle also reminds us of the rungs of a cut tree. These rungs tell us how old a tree might have been, thus are indicators of earthly time passing.

Yet, time may not exist at all beyond this mortal existence. I am reminded of a few lines in a poem called 'Out There' written by my grandmother D.E Ross, [the entire poem is copied below my post]

Time is not negotiated
wasted or lost:
an hour rates high in our accounting here:
yet a thousand years
could be held as a breath on the wind
Out There.

If time does not exist except perhaps 'as a breath of wind', one then has to question the existence of distance and thus perspective, both being some kind of temporal and spatial measurement of perception. I wonder if both distance and perspective are necessary processes and/or processors we need to move towards a 'knowing' which goes beyond human perception. After all we must know who we are not before we can truly know who we really are. With reference to my last post 'In the Garden Of Eden' I am reminded that Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden of Eden to experience good and error [I prefer error to evil] in order to know who they are not so they can know who they are. The story is a parable to propel us in mind and soul beyond to 'Out There'.

The tree-of-life in 'A Moment' is like a gossamer creating a veil. This veil is time. Once the veil is lifted I can imagine distance, space and perspective collapsing into a non-existence which paradoxically remembers them. Thus they exist in absentia. In fact, my grandmother's poem in stanza two clearly irradicates boundaries created by compass points or positioning. My grandmother wrote this poem about death, but to my mind she wrote about a 'knowing' of another life...

Out There
By D. E Ross

I do not cringe before the opening door
to Outside,
but brace muscle and mind
to meet
the open horizon
its fresher winds
the brighter light
undreamed of in the chrysalis:
each cloud a carriage
each breeze a wing
each star a stepping stone
beyond Time
-before and after-
toward the secret
of its source
and mine.

There are no boundaries
Out There
but the original laws
that devised
neither north nor south
or east and west,
or here and there
No tides,
but streams of power forever flowing.
Time is not negotiated
wasted or lost:
an hour rates high in our accounting here:
yet a thousand years
could be held as a breath on the wind
Out There.

There is no waste in God’s economy.
New solar systems
gather grace in space
[along with waste
from our allotted span of influence].
In God’s eternal meld
of warp and woof,
of foul and fair,
we have each one of us a share
in a new heaven and a new earth
aiming for birth
Out There


moneythoughts said...

Again, I like your tree of life motif in this painting. It is your icon. I also liked the poem too. Talented family. Too bad I can not take a train to your show in March, 2010. I am sure it will be very successful. Perhaps you can put a video of the exhibit on your blog and/or Facebook?

Audubon Ron said...

Very nice. The whole time/space thing. Ahmygoodness.

I think, and it’s just me writing out loud, now that you have my juices flowing, there are few existential issues. If I am no longer, did I ever? Does it really matter if I ever was? You see, I touch this woman I know from Australia, Kathryn, through plastic, and sand and maybe five internal volts of electricity, less current than in my body, and this nice woman responds, and we think together, and feel, and laugh and get deleted from FB by daughters and in it all, when I witness your paintings, I live. But I can’t view your paintings forever. Unless, of course, if you are painting an image from the others side that only you can see.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Ron and Fred,
Ron your last sentence is very intriguing. I like it. From the 'other side'...who knows! The connection via the internet ether and the implications of these kind of sare also intriguing. Do these trillions of connections every day leave traces of existence or are they another layer in the illusion of existence? That witnessing my paintings gives life is very humbling. But, I have written before that as anartist I relinquish the completion of my work to teh conversations people have whether they be withinthemselves or others.

Fred, I will do some kind of online virtual exhibition for you! The gallery owner is pretty savvy so I am sure that between the two of us we'll manage another life beyond the physical gallery for the show.

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Hi ,
you art. work is beautiful !!!
hugz, wanda
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