Thursday, April 23, 2009


Since my last post I have finished the work on paper above and started on the large oil painting I wrote about in the last post. This work on paper continues my interest in water. I was watching the rain fall only a few days ago and fell into wondering about the smallness of the rain drops, yet the impact a deluge of them can have. This impact can be devastating or truly remarkable and wanted.

I have read that the human body is made of around %70 water. This makes me think of a number of important details. One is, that by looking after our planet's water supply we are honouring our bodies as well. Another thought is that water, from one drop to a mass, can be absolutely beautiful. This beauty then must have potential within us too.

Water has the capacity to seek out and seep into places thought to be impenetrable. By doing this it strokes the landscape's intimate parts where any kind of distance or space is unknown or difficult to imagine.

Image: Rain Drops Gouache on paper 55 x 115 cm unframed 2009

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