Wednesday, July 11, 2007


When I lived in Goondiwindi [on the border of Queensland and NSW] I used to exhibit in Brisbane and other places in S.E Qld. Since moving to Brisbane seven years ago, and having exhibited internationally, I have been asked to make some presentations about creative industry export. One of my 'lines' is to say that exhibiting in Brisbane from Goondiwindi was like exhibiting in another country! The only differences were not having to deal with foreign currency exchange rates and huge cultural differences. I say 'huge' because there are cultural differences even between rural and urban Australia. They are subtle, but they do exist.

Recently I havebeen asked to make some public comments about trade and export. I have thought about this quite a lot. The world's history can be mapped through the impetus to exchange goods ie: trade. From the earliest of times when bartering took place 'trade' has fulffiled various needs. As civilisation becomes more sophisticated these needs are accompanied by wants.

Needs and wants are very basic human characteristics. Maslow and various other psuchologists have tried to identify the impetus and the motivations for human endevour. I think trade and export are fundamental oucomes of human existence.

Trade and export rely on relationships between individual people, small and large commercial enterprises and countries doing business. Without these relationships other types of interaction maybe different ie: political, diplomatic. Whilst world trade and export activity is highly complex their existence relies on being able to fulfill human needs and wants. In the troubled times in which we live trade and export are important conduits to keep lines of communication and connection open.

Driving Into The Distance Oil on linen 80 x 120 cm

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