Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can You See ?

A week to go until the opening of my exhibition Pulse: Throb Vibrate Quiver Thrill Rhythm = Sign of Life. An exhibition is an artist's window of opportunity to show the world what they do. There is such a build up beforehand...for the artist [normally it is just another show for the gallery!] and then its over. But it is a buzz. I've taken the paintings to the gallery and I am happy with even how they look leaning up against the walls. There has been some media coverage too which is great.

My children are back home for the rest of the school holidays. The youngest turns 9 tomorrow and we are having a birthday party. Needless to say painting when 3 children are home on holidays is very difficult. Late nights bring peace and time. I am visualising a day when I have a cook, book-keeper, someone to help keep the house clean...every day [bliss], a gardener [I have just mowed the lawn now] and a pool man. My next pool job is to dive below the water to putty up some cracks...I only go swimming when there is something to fix it seems! I have discovered trying to use a screw driver under water is very, very difficult.

Can You See? 120 x 180 cm Oil on linen. I painted this in 2005 and have grown to love it more and more. Whilst it is simple there is so much to 'see'. The title is a play on the statement about how people often look but don't see. Like a heat haze/mirage things are not as they may initially appear to be.


Anonymous said...

I like the painting. Simple yet interesting. Well done.

Anonymous said...

The colour is amazing! i want it! it is really eye catching and alluring..i have to say its one of your best

Anonymous said...

A Stunning piece of work. It is divine.

Anonymous said...

the title of this piece straight away got me looking deep into the exquisite detail this piece contains. this is one i could defiantly look at for ages!