Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Went to book club last night. I have a great book club. We do talk about books [a little!] and then we talk about a whole range of other topics. And because we are a group of 5 women with a lot of life experiences we talk about everything. Last night I showed the group Andrew McGahan's new satirical... thriller.... book...'Underground'. When I read it I could not put it down. It is like reading a cartoon where the picture in your head moves fast and furiously, and the characters are unreal playing actor-like roles. The book is a future which seems bizarre, but the scary thing is that after September 11 we all know fact is stranger than fiction.
I really recommend the book.

The photo above is one wall from my exhibition 'Pulse: Throb Vibrate Quiver Thrill Rhythm = Sign of Life @ Got my picture in the Weekend Courier Mail kids were SO embarrassed, but I think secretly they were quite happy, especially when other kids commented at school.


Anonymous said...

These paintings are beautiful

Anonymous said...

I agree! all of your paintings have a comfortable feel about them, its amazing how you capture this

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your artwork immensely and have found it very engaging and vibrant. The way you paint the landscape is very inspirational and it can be seen that you have painted very delicately. The use of trees in your artwork is truly eye-catching and beautiful, and Love Puzzle is a very different yet captivating piece. Your paintings each hold a different story and I am looking foward to your future work!