Saturday, May 22, 2021


Future Memory Oil on linen 122 x 137 cm 2021

A tree-of-life cascades across a cosmic landscape. The tree's freely flowing branches contrast with the template of four Loyal Wingman drones. Green crosses formulate the landscape with co-ordinates. The landscape must be measured and datafied! Points of reference geolocate the drones within the landscape and the cutouts 'speak' to agile proliferation. An occupation of landscape.

Four trees bow in the wind on a distant horizon. Are they targets? Are they sentinels sending warnings back to the past? 

On the bottom of the painting, a drone walks a human being. The tether acts as a symbol of human reliance upon technologies that operate beyond human domains of speed, time and space. This 'memory' of the future recalls how human beings need to be 'looked after', especially in landscape measured for the machines.  

The shade of night-vision green used to paint the human being, its master drone, the orienting crosses and the Loyal Wingman template 'speaks' to surveillance, to imaging technology that can see in the dark - the dark being a metaphor for the humanly un-seeable, the invisible, the forgotten. The dark is data. 


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Australian Defence College, Canberra
If you have not already done so, please read my last post about my experience exhibiting at the Australian Defence College [ADC], Canberra. The paintings are up until the afternoon of June 3, so if you are someone who can access the ADC, please take a look!



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