Sunday, November 06, 2011


Breathing Across Time Oil on linen 50 x 94 cm

My inspiration is Mother Nature. She 'speaks' to me. Regular readers will know of my concern for the environment, our earthly one, our cosmological one and our inner environment of the human psyche. I 'see' them all as linked, as One across time and space, indivisible.

And, my tree-of-life, the age-old transultural/religious tree symbol extends its roots and its branches into the inner and outer worlds of existence.

I am really excited about where the tree and Mother Nature are taking me. I am really enjoying painting, sketching my ideas and noting down thoughts. I 'see' a coalescence of various elements I have previously written, compassion, distance, perspective, sacred feminine, systems and more. All of these 'speak' about our world and remind us of what we lose if we languish in complacency, rhetoric, celebrity worship and political posturing.

Breathing Across Time was inspired by my recent gouache on paper painting Breath which I wrote about two posts ago  In Breathing Across Time
a woman's figure seems to float inside a vortex or spiral, as if it is a transporter across time. The quivering of a spiral reverberates with energy and force, like a lung breathing. The female figure is Mother Nature, and as she breaths so do we, so does the Earth, stars and other universes. Breath and pulse, the common signs of life.  

She Calls Gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm

So, to She Calls...Mother Nature, the sacred feminine calls us to breath in unison with her. The tree-of-life erupting from her arms and legs reminds us of the life force running through our veins. The vascular energy connects Mother Nature to us, to all... across time and space. The red female figure seems like an artery herself. As she beckons we 'see' that her heart and mind are connected. A hint for us to check our own connections.


Please have a look at my new 'gallery' on my website called My Women 1991-Present


And please check out the Directors' Cut [Blake Prize] online exhibition. My painting Compassion was selected. It is for sale too!


Plus a GOOGLE preview of my book FOR EVERYONE where you can see the first 5-7 pages.



The book launch will be February at Fireworks Gallery, Newstead Brisbane. I shall keep you posted!


Plus, I have created a 'gallery' on my website of paintings Under $1000.
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The two paintings below are examples:

Collapsing Perspective Gouache on paper 21 x 15 cm $300 [unframed]

Trees Dancing Gouache on paper 21 x 15 cm $300 [unframed]

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