Wednesday, July 13, 2011


                                The Beauty Of Oil on linen 36 x 36 cm

I've had an interesting and busy time since I wrote my last post a week ago. Last Thursday I attended a fascinating presentation at the CJ Jung Society of Queensland. It was so good, I decided to attend a full day workshop, given by the same presenter, on the weekend. So, who was the presenter? Her name is Sarah Gibson, a Jungian analyst, filmaker and media lecturer from Sydney. Her talk on Thursday night was called 'Fairy Tales Re-Imagined' and the full day workshop was 'Eating The House: The Hansel and Gretel Cooking Show'. The discussion, at the workshop, about the popularity of cooking shows was very thought provoking! Here are the links to the descriptions of both events.

I cannot detail all that was presented and discussed, other than to say, it was rich, thought provoking and stimulating. Sarah's amazing talent was clearly evident in the fascinating fairy tale films she directed and wrote for the ABC. Not only these... but also an amazing interactive website called 'Re-Enchantment', which has been directed and written by Sarah, in conjunction with a team of talented artists, designers etc. I highly recommend the site to you. But, make sure you have time to travel down the many pathways and themes which are offfered!

Re-Enchantment explores six fairy tales, in an open ended and non-didactic way. Regular readers of my BLOG will know that I am fascinated by symbolism, myth and stories, and how they might reveal and prod the potencies within our psyches today. The strength of symbols is their ability to transcend time...but it is up to us to see this. We can do this by untethering symbols from static interpretations and manifestations that had meaning in the past, to re-interpret in ways which have meaning now. This does not mean that fundamental forces are ignored. It just means we can revel in the richness, rather than gaze back into history. The Re-Enchantment site would be an excellent vehicle for secondary school students to explore and expose themselves to the art of re-interpretation.

And, next month's CJ Jung Society of Queensland's presenter is moi! No guesses what I will be talking about...the tree-of-life!

The painting above 'The Beauty Of' is anticipatory! Well, that's what I felt when I was painting it. I felt it could be the beginning of time, anticipating an unfolding dimension. I felt it could be a moment of beauty caught in memory, forever providing hope, as only beauty can. I felt the painting emerge, as if teasing me not to go too far...less is more! In a way symbols anticipate...they anticipate their unfolding incarnations, the instances of unravelling, and the sparks of revelry and realisation.



PARADISE @ PURGATORY Artspace Melbourne

8 September - 8 October
Opening night Friday 9 September
I am really looking forward to my first solo show in Melbourne!

And, here's a link to my 'quiet activism' work looking at environmental issues of water, and coal seam gas.


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