Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi There. I have been absent for awhile because we have had floods in Brisbane and I had to evacuate my house. Not before all my belongings from downstairs were taken upstairs, plus a whole lot of other precautions. The good news is that my house did not get wet, but another 20-30cm and it would have! I am one of the lucky ones, because many people have lost everything. In the Lockyer Valley many also lost their lives. The flooding all over QLD has been devastating.

I still do not have internet reconnected to my house, thus it is not so easy for me to keep up with my BLOG. Hopefully BIGPOND will have the outage in my area fixed soon.

All my paintings were taken upstairs. But, I have returned my easel and paints to my downstairs studio and will get back to painting this weekend. VORTEX: Seeking Stillness At Its Core, my forthcoming exhibition, is back on track! Check out my TWITPIC event page @

I can't load any images easily, as I am working on my daughter's laptop remotely.



moneythoughts said...

Glad to hear you are OK. I have been following the floods on the TV news programs. I have never seen anything like it. Also, good to know your house was spared and your paintings are safe.

Take care and be well.

Audubon Ron said...

In no way should you link these floods to your relentless obsession with posting paintings about water or lack there of, where you live in an almost voodoo like hypnotic prophetic trance. It's a coincidence. You can't blame yourself.

Seriously, very good news you are 1) alive, 2) dry and have your stuff downstairs and 3) have electricity.

You do have electricity - right?

Kay said...

so glad you and yours are ok. We saw the devastation on our news and I worried about my blogger friends. Take care

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Fred, Ron and Kay,
Thank you for your messages.The flooding in Australia is mind blowing...apparently the size of France and germany combined!

Ron, You are funny! I have electricity. It was restored las Monday after about 4-5 days without it. That's when I stayed with friends and returned to the house during the day to do all the stuff that one needs to do after a flood. The volunteers on the first weekend were amazing. The Brisbane City Council has also been amazing with the rapid cleanup of rubbish from destroyed homes, plus the debris and mud from streets. They have also set up free tetanus shot tents at various spots too.

Still no internet though. Bigpond is working on the outage ...