Thursday, November 04, 2010


                                         Heaven and Earth Gouache on paper 15 x 21 cm

I am still working on the big oil painting I mentioned in my last post. I think I will call it 'The Beginning'... or something like that. I wanted to create an image that revealed that nanosecond after the Big Bang, or the glimpse of a new universe meaning that ours is not the only one, or at a cellular level...the moment of conception. Anyway, I'll just have to see how the painting evolves. This may seem a bit odd, but I never know what a painting will finally look like, until the instant I decide it is finished.

In the process of evolvement I go through a variety of emotional and intellectual realms. There are moments where I feel completely dejected, because I feel the painting is just not working out. Yet, I know that when I this happens, I must walk away. And, this is what I do. I walk away, but before I do, I place the painting in a position where it is the first thing I see when I re-enter my studio. Upon re-entering, it is absolutely amazing how often I see a painting with new eyes and an inspiration to resolve my disquiet will pop into my head. Sometimes, my 'new eyes' cannot see why I thought I had a problem at all!

Now, these 'new eyes' are very handy to have...but I would not have them without walking away. Creativity is not just about doing, it is about thinking as well. These two things can happen either separately or simultaneously. And, thinking is not about trying hard, it is about letting insights and seemingly random thoughts rise into consciousness. I often find that these gems rise much more rapidly when I go for a walk! Then I have to try hard to make sure I remember them when I get home!

                                              Prayer Gouache on paper 21 x 15 cm

The Trees Are Dancing Gouache on paper 21 x 15 cm

Walking away, gives an opportunity for new perspectives...and regular readers will know how I love the idea of new perspectives or even the notion that we can experience multiple prespectives simultaneously. Walking away from my paintings, has prvided good lessons for me. It has taught me to walk away, either physically or metaphorically, from problems and to return to them with 'new eyes'.

Recently on my walks, I have decided to experiment with imagining myself inside a vortex, in that core where stillness exists...the kind of stillness where listening takes on a new meaning, because the listening is not just with one's ears. I am going to suggest that this is place where one can find 'new ears' as well as 'new eyes'! And...with these new perceptors comes new knowledge. I've written about the stillness, knowledge and colur in a recent post 

Now, to something a bit lighter...Christmas presents!!!! I think a painting is a wonderful gift for any ocassion, however, it is Christmas that beckons now that we have entered November. So, I've made a online 'gallery' of paintings which I think would make great presents for that special someone. The paintings above are three
suggestions. This 'gallery' is on my website and here is the link:

On Saturday I am going to the opening of the Redland Art Award. I am one of the finalists and the winners are announced at the opening. next solo exhibition will be 22 Feb-6 March 2011 at Graydon Gallery, Brisbane.



Audubon Ron said...

I like the trees are dancing. That will be the cover of my book. And let's hope it is a best seller.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Ron, A book of eclectic recipes, photos, wise words or a Ron narative ...sure to be a best seller!