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                                  Colour of Stillness Oil on linen 100 x 60 cm

I uploaded a detail work-in-progess shot of this painting a couple posts ago, but here it is finished. The previous post can be found at

This painting continues a number of interests of mine. Regular readers will be able to see them immediately. I have used my much loved transcultural/religious tree-of-life motif, the spiral/vortex and colour to play again with perspective and distance...literal and metaphoric.

The vortex is one of my latest interests, however, I do have some very early paintings where I have painted spirals. So, these early works are heralding from the past! The vortex and spiral interest me because they suggest an energy of the quivering kind that never stops. Both are spied in the universal world and the subatomic. Galaxies are spirals with black hole centres, and the DNA double helix propels life forces. And...for those of you who are regular readers and know of my interest in water...well how does water go down the plughole? I grew up on a farm and I loved whirly winds as they danced across dusty paddocks. Here's a link to some other posts I have written about vortexs...Oh! and my next solo exhibition 22 February - 6 March 2010 is going to be called 'VORTEX'

So, to this new painting 'Colour of Stillness'. As I have previously written, I imagine that inside the vortex there is a place of stillness, where we can hear things we did not know we could listen to, see things we did not know were there, and feel things we did not know could be felt. By finding this stillness we learn about ourselves and our relationship to others, the world and the planet. This is knowledge gained by self reflection and letting go of the turmoil of the outer vortex, its distractions and materiality.

If you look closely, there is a figure standing inside the vortex. She is painted green and seems to be floating in a cascade of light. For me, this light, is the reflective process which is revalatory. The light emanates from the pinnacle of the vortex errupting in a tree...a tree-of-life/knowledge. This tree then seems to bloom with seven smaller trees, each one a different colour. These colours are the seven colours of the rainbow, chakras and they represent further knowledge. The tree at the bottom of the vortex reflects the trees above, beckoning the beyond and its knowledge. The circle of leaves suggests a new portal, or the cyclical nature of life, or letting go what we are not and welcoming who we's up to you. The blue background dances with the secrets of the universe.
The process of self reflection assists us to find out who we are not... so that we can know who we are. Colour, as knowledge, is both good and error...not evil. It is about how we negotiate the distances between knowing who we are not and who we are. In this understanding new perspectives hopefully mean we are more compassionate towards ourselves and others. This is important if we are to live locally in an increasingly globalised world. And, where does that place us within a universal existence, where in the future humankind may need to venture beyond our planet to survive?

By Elsie Brimblecombe----MY MUM!

Maleny artist, Elsie Brimblecombe, is exhibiting her zany and colourful paintings in an exhibition inspired by a book of poems, ‘Fanny The Flying Housewife and Other Stories’ by Brisbane poet, Ynes Sanz.

The poems are about remarkable women including Australians, writer Dorothy Hewitt; the Australian Mermaid, Annette Kellerman; founder of Meals on Wheels, Doris Taylor; war hero, Irene Drummond and Blessed Mother Mary McKillop. O...ther inspiring women from elsewhere in the world include the genius, Gertrude Stein; the pilot, Amy Johnson; the singer, Kathleen Ferrier.

Elsie Brimblecombe’s exhibition PAINTINGS ABOUT REMARKABLE WOMEN OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY follows her successful 2009 exhibition ‘Invisible Cities’ which was inspired by a book of the same name by Italo Calvino. Elsie’s new paintings reflect the off-beat, brave and remarkable lives of women who have helped make history.

PAINTINGS ABOUT REMARKABLE WOMEN OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY opened at Maleny’s Upfront Club on Thursday 21 October at 6pm. The exhibition will continue until Tuesday 16 November.
31 Maple St, Maleny, Queensland, Australia
07 5494 2592

Here are two paintings from the exhibition:

Motor Power-Isadora Duncan, Acrylic on canvas

                               Gipsy Moth-Amy Johnson, Acrylic on canvas

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