Thursday, August 19, 2010


                                           Afterglow oil on linen 100 x 100cm

Our universe, our galaxy, our sun, our planet, our biosphere, us, and all the atoms and forces which manifest existence are part of the 'afterglow' which errupted into being within nanoseconds after the 'Big Bang'. The macro and micro are intrinsically linked by their shared genesis, universal horizons are seemingly forever propelled in expansion and we grapple to understand.

I have written about horizons before, noting that they are not necessarily always in front of us, both metaphoric and real ones. They are all around us, and when reached more horizons cascade into attention. Yet, when we think about the horizons offered by an expanding universe space and time melt into fluidity.

It kind of puts life on Earth into perspective when trying to imagine the horizons of an expanding universe. Regular readers know of my interest in notions of perspective and my idea that the ability to experience different and many perspectives simultaneously needs to have its own name. Indeed the experience, truly felt, might actually be another dimension.

So, to the painting above. Regular readers would notice that I have painted a few paintings with this circular shape created with my much loved tree-of-life motif.  and In this painting above I wanted to suggest an afterglow that is all of life, both earth bound and beyond. The circular shape throws the idea of horizons to the infinite, and is symbolic of life everlasting. The red represents the glow after a huge explosion, but also the red light emitted from the propulsion of the expanding universe.

This painting incorporates the subatomic and the universal, the vast and intimate, the macro and micro. If there is one thing which I spend time contemplating, it is the space or distance between, trying to situate myself so I can 'see' it all at once and possibly 'be' it all at once. The role of imagination is significant as is an accompanying emotional capacity to lose oneself with the confidence that one will be found.

Please have a look at my website I've added some images and details.

Coming up are the Tattersall's Landscape Award opening 8 September and the BAware Exhibition, themed on the Millenium Goals, opening at St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane, on October 8. I will have at least 3 paintings in the latter exhibition.



Audubon Ron said...

Imagine two trumpets pointed in opposite directions whose mouth pieces are joined together by a tree of life. Do you know what a tree of life is? (Really huge wink and smile from me and tolerant look with smile on face from you ;)), Weeeellll, let us consider matter/anti matter and we know opposites attract. (That’s why you think I’m a hunk and junk.) Well, what if, as these trumpets sound, the universe gets sucked through the horn of one trumpet into the body, down the pipe, to the mouth piece and then the ToL and then into the mouth piece of the other horn down the pipe and the goes “bursting” out as a “big bang” new universe? Ever few zillion years this happens all over like a perpetual toggle. B/c if you really think about it, no grass grows under the feet of any planet. See also eyeball example:

I think this cosmology thing you got going here with the ToL and “the vision” of that which is beyond is all the right wiggle and walk for you and I’m liking it. In your work, I don’t, maybe never see flat, I see into something really expansive from afar and something really active from up close. You have the “three paces close” and “ten paces afar” going. And believe me, I would look at every one of your paintings that way, 3 up close and 10 afar and from each distance I start with image, then color, then meaning…don’t let there be a double meaning b/c I’d be there some more. I would get my price of admission.

I like Afterglow…speaking of double meanings…

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Ron, Great link you sent. I have looked over it and will read it more closely. It is all just SO fascinating and puts life on Earth inot perpsective! But, it is a bit scarey too.

I am also SO glad you 'got' the double meaning. The title was chosen with double meanings in mind!!!