Saturday, July 24, 2010


Detail of as yet untitled painting in progress

                                                Detail of as yet untitled painting in progress

The two images above are details from the painting I am currently working on. The painting is 90 x 200 cm, so quite large. I am aiming to create an image which seems to ripple, beguiling the viewer, and then seducing even further with a realisation that the ripples mesmerisingly seem to be concealing something underneath. You know what it's like when water ripples, yet you know there is something underneath, but you can't quite see. Regular readers will realise that the literal nature of this is not my primary interest. I will write more on this once the painting is finished.

I wanted to also create an image that gripped the viewer by seducing them to come closer, but also to move back to view the entire image from a distance. A bit like an astonomer looking into the night sky with a naked eye, and a mind full of awe, and then feeling compelled to examine the sky with the help of a telescope, to somehow get 'closer' to the swathes and twinkles of light.

The painting, as yet untitled, could be described as a landscape, but one which is not tethered to just the Earth, but is free to be interpreted as a 'landscape' of the Universe or a 'landscape' of our internal emotional world. Regular readers will immediately identify that this painting is another of my visual investigations of the dynamic that exists in and between the nano and vast, the micro and macro.

But, I will write more when the painting is finished!

But, now to some news.
The two paintings below have been sold! A new dental practice 'Icon Dental' has bought them and they will hang in the reception area. This new practice is in Yeppoon.

One Oil on linen 90 x 200 cm 2009

                                                        Frisson Oil on linen 74 x 147 cm 2010

Cheers Kathryn

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Audubon Ron said...

Congrats on selling the paintings.

I have no clue as suggested names for the other two.