Wednesday, February 10, 2010


AH! HAs Oil on linen 30 x 30 cm SOLD

My last post was about change and how change leads to us 'becoming' whatever we are meant to be. 'Becoming', like change is a constant process!

I made a comment that we can control some changes...change does not always have to be something that is done to us. In this post I want to write about those 'AH! Ha' moments, which through their very intensity can afford us an opportunity to change and perhaps depart from one 'becoming' road to another. In a way 'AH HAs' are like crossroads...and crossroads are very significant as we do have a choice of which way to travel.

'Ah HAs' are those nanosecond revelatory instances which can lead to new insights, perspectives, letting go old beliefs, 'seeing' something or someone with new eyes...and so on. These instances are felt physically as one's brain explodes with revelation and the gut twists simultaneously with a plethora of feelings from dread, to excitement, thrill and hope. Yes!!!!! these instances are frissons!

'AH HAs' can precipitate change, and thus our 'becoming'. I remember attending...for want of a better term...a spycho babble group session at a health retreat a few year ago, where the facilitor shared an 'Ah Ha' that he had experienced. He recounted how he had had many relationships over a number of years and could not understand why none had worked out...until...he realised... he was the common denominator and maybe it was something about him! I must admit that this made me scramble to think about the things in my life which seemed to consistently not work out. Was I the common denominator? Did I need to look at myself rather than seeing the other person, thing, event, etc as the problem? This is all about perspective, which as regular readers of my BLOG know, is another favourite subject of mine.

I have had many 'AH HA' instances which have caused me to consciously change [or attempt to!] unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. One of the most difficult things to change are core beliefs ie: those ones we often don't even know we have because they are rooted in the inherited belief systems of our families and societies. Sometimes, these rooted beliefs are just not helpful to us or anyone in the time we live now, and they need to go. However, there is always a choice...we do not have to let go, if for some reason we cannot or do not want to. But, I think situations will consistently happen, knocking on our psyche, imploring us to change.

An 'Ah! HA' can also cause a period of mourning. Why? I think it is because we mourne those things we missed if a revelation opens our eyes to how certain attitudes, beliefs and behaviours lassooed our 'becoming' or worse, lassooed the 'becoming' of others. But in the suffering there is hope and the latter is the element I like to focus on. As I have previously written on this BLOG, I do not ignore the negative, sad or bad. They exist in absentia, because I consciously elide them. Someone once said to me that my work did not have enough suffering...I will write about this in the future. the painting above. I have called it 'AH! HAs'. My much loved transcultural/religious tree-of-life embraces the whole painting. It is life! The spots are 'AH Ha' instances offering little windows of possibility. They are like the openings to new universes...which can seem so far, but are really sometimes very close. Distance collapses! This painting is not large at 30 x 30 cm, but it is 'kinda' BIG. Even as I look at it I feel drawn into it. Maybe I am glimpsing the universes beyond! I hope you do too.

Thank you to all the people who have been visiting my BLOG. You are coming from all over the world and in the last few weeks the numbers have been increasing quite quickly. I started this BLOG in 2006 and whilst I only had a very small trickle of visitors initially, I enjoyed writing and the reflective opportunity it gave me, so I have happily persisted.

And, please feel free to make comments!

For those of you who have read about my exhibition ‘Frisson’ I have some sad news. Due to circumstances beyond my control currently being experienced by Joshua Levi Galleries the decision to cancel the exhibition ‘Frisson’ at this gallery has been made. As you all know I was very excited about the exhibition, but this decision had to be made. I am remaining positive and will keep working. There are some alternatives for the exhibition and I am looking into these. I will keep you updated about a possible ‘FRISSON 2’!

My painting 'Elemental' which has been pre-selected for the Stanthorpe Art Award has gone to Stanthorpe. I put it on the bus yesterday. The prize is announced on the 26 February.




moneythoughts said...

Good Luck with the painting you put on the bus. My brother has a bus story to his life called "Meat On The Bus." But, that is for another time.

I like the new painting you just posted too.

Audubon Ron said...

AH HA!! I get it now. Painting ducks would be a great change, wouldn't it? I can't wait to see your first duck painting. :)

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Fred and Ron,
Fred, 'Meat on the bus'...wonder how long it was on the bus?! Not as romantic sounding as 'Meet on the bus'.

Ron, if you look through the little universe holes, I am absolutely certain you will see some ducks that I have painted!


moneythoughts said...

My mother had my brother stop by the kosher butcher shop on his way home from school and pick up a package of meat. He was in elementary school at the time and he put the package on the seat and when he got off the bus, he forgot the meat. My mother really gave him hell for it and the story became legend among his friends. When someone did something really wrong, they would say, "that's your meat on the bus."