Friday, January 15, 2010


So far untitled Gouache on paper 30 x 21 cm 2010

I have just returned from a short glorious holiday in New Zealand. I did not trip around, except for a couple of nights in Auckland, but treated myself to a wonderful quiet indulgence in one spot which was SO worth saving my pennies for. I went with a friend and we stayed at The Boatshed on Waiheke Island and everything was magnificent. Waiheke Island is about half an hour by ferry from Auckland and it is truly a beautiful place. AND, The Boatshed was amazing with its fantastic architecture, incredible views, acres of flowering agapanthus, delectible food, quiet elegance and so on. So, if you are visiting my BLOG from places well beyond the Pacific, I highly recommend a holiday in New Zealand, especially during the Northern winter. New Zealand's weather was just perfect....not freezing like Europe or HOT like Australia!

We had a few nights in Auckland...or we were meant to! I will never fly PacificBlue again. This was my first [and last experience]. Our first night which was meant to be in Auckland ended up being in Christchurch, because the plane from Brisbane was firstly delayed...and then cancelled. We were instructed to to stay at the Christchurch airport despite originally being told we would be sent to a hotel...yes no sleep! We were then put on a plane to Wellington and then to Auckland. Our 3 hour flight from Brisbane to Auckland ended up taking us all night. Not impressed. However, I have just flown back today with Air NZ and it was fantastic. No comparison.

So, in the midst of doing nothing on my holiday cooking, cleaning, washing, mowing, shopping...or children!!!!!...I did paint some small gouache on paper paintings. One of these is above. I am really interested in the play between straight lines and curved ones, especially the curved lines of a tree and its branches. The beauty of gouache is that you can really stretch it, pummel it, play with it. I use very thick watercolour paper and lots of water, and love watching the paint react to the water. It does amazing things which, I can then choose to work with or not. Once the paper has dried it is fun to rework areas, fill in with colour, overpaint and so on. The painting above is full of movement and stems from ideas, thoughts and memories I have written about in a couple of recent posts and

I am reading Norman Doidge's MD book 'The Brain That Changes Itself' again for the second time. Please read my previous post for some of my thoughts about art and the brain...! I have more thoughts brewing.

AND, now that the holiday period here in Australia is coming to an end, I am full power into working towards my show 'Frisson' at Joshua Levi Galleries opening 4th March.



Anonymous said...

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moneythoughts said...

Enjoyed reading this post as I get a little better feel of your personality. Glad you had such a nice time. I had a problem with my airline going to LA. My bag never arrived for the whole week I was there.