Saturday, September 19, 2009


It has been 10 days since I wrote on my BLOG. The reason I have been slack is because I have been completely distracted with preparations for my daughter's eighteenth birthday party, which was fantastic too. In between doing the things one does to organise a big party, I have been painting, but the work is not at a stage where I can provide an interesting photo.

So, an email this morning provided me with an opportunity to reload 'Generations' above. The email informed me that this painting has been selected for the 'I Am' exhibition which is aid of the Women's Legal Service here in Brisbane. The exhibition is on 16-18 October. Here is the website

My previous post which 'talks' about 'Generations' is

I was quite chuffed by a few of my daughter's young friends and their comments about my paintings. I had planned that my daughter's party would be completely outside, but when my daughter and I created the largest birthday cake possible we did not think about how to get it out of the house! And, this problem was not alerted to us until one of her male freinds, who had arrived early, decided to measure the cake. No problems I will fit through the front door and down the steps. So, whilst the party revellers were revelling, a friend and my sister-in-law [who is also a friend] tried to get the cake firstly out the front door and down the stairs to take it into the back garden and the party. But, no, we got stuck half way through the doorway nearly killing ourselves in the process. So, we decided to take it down the internal steps and out through the family room. But, we got stuck again. This time on the steps with the cake slipping sidways off its huge base. Trying to keep this massive cake flat whilst going down stairs required feats of almost gymnastic manipulation which, at slightly! older thean 18, none of us had. I just cannot write descriptively enough to explain just how hilarious our antics were.

So, the only thing to do was to get all the party revellers upstairs to have the Happy Birthday cake cutting, candles and singing thing happening. Well, the big bonus for me was that because these young ones had the opportunity to come inside the house 3 of my daughter's friends made great comments about my paintings and wanted to know more.

So, until my next post...I am in a state of recovery.



Audubon Ron said...

Incredible the number of birthdays this time of year. Seems everyone is having one. Apparently the result of very cold Januaries. Wait, January is summer time there. Something is going on in January.

moneythoughts said...

I enjoyed you talking about your daughter's birthday and the big birthday cake. I must admit that I had to look up the "chuffed" as I was not familiar with the word as it is used in your sentence. The dictionary said British for "delighted", so now I know. Your daughter's friends have good taste in art.

By daughter will be 40 next Wednesday.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Dear Ron and Fred,

So many people are born in September! My ex is also a Sept baby, as am I. Ye gads...there were 3 Virgos in the one house!

for visiting.