Friday, May 22, 2009


A few posts ago I said I was starting a large work which I wanted to appear like a wave of colour or a map of colour where boundaries fused. Well...the painting is nearly finished. The image above is me working on some of the last bits! My arm gets very tired!
My idea was to use my tree-of-life motif pouring it over the canvas with a multitude of colours creating from a distance a vision of a wave...yet up close the viewer sees where colours begin and end. I played with the idea of how a map when viewed up close will clearly show where boundaries exist yet when seen from a distance the boundaries are indiscernible. Thus, reminding us that the Earth is one planet with manmade markings meaning nothing when viewed with a distant perspective. As readers of this BLOG know I am very interested in both literal and metaphoric perspective with the latter holding clues to how we might negotiate a globalised world in which we live locally.
I was thinking about the colour which is released from white light hitting a prism. Ultimately all colours emanate from the one source. Humanity and life are like the colours released by a prism...ultimately we are one. We all share the common signs of life ie: breath and pulse. Plus we share the urge for identity which ultimately manifests in the creation of culture and religion, which unfortunately often lead to conflict. Yet, the primal urge for identity is the same.
I believe deep thought about perspective will reveal new pathways for peace on Earth and compassionate negotiation [of oursleves and others] of the distance between the global and local.
I am calling the painting 'One'.

One Oil on linen 90 x 200 cm 2009


moneythoughts said...

Your painting looks very interesting as I find all of your paintings interesting. And, I like what you are trying to do and your explanation of this painting. I find it interesting that you are attempting to blend the physics of light and color with philosophy. I am sure you will lose a few people on that one. I hope you will give us a front (head on) view of your new painting when you are finished. Good luck with you show in June. Wouldn't it be neat if I could take a subway from Cincinnati, Ohio to your city.

moneythoughts said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and some of your history with us. I am glad I scrolled down to see these pictures.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Thanks Fred for visiting. Yes, I know I will lose some people with my attempt to blend the physics of light and colour with philosophy, but you never know how many might be ignited by it. I enjoy 'seeing' these connections and then painting waht I 'see'. Indeed, it would be very neat if there was a subway from Cincinnati to Brisbane! I will be posting a 'head on' view of the painting soon when I have had a photo taken. I cannot photograph the large works properly so I have them taken by professional photographers. Also, thanks for your comment on my 'Nostalgia' post. Cheers,