Saturday, March 14, 2009


On Wednesday 18 March at 6 pm I am co-presenting with artist Keith Armstrong at QUT Art Museum in conjunction with the Queensland Academy For Arts and Sciences. The topic of the presentation is 'A Critical Space: The Art/Science Nexus'. Everyone is welcome to attend, so please visit the website for details.

I am looking forward to the presentation and have enjoyed contemplating the topic with reference to my work. Whilst the topic may seem daunting, at the end of the day, it is easy to talk about one's own work. I accepted the invitation because over the years I have had a number of science based people ask me if I have... medical training, studied histology, been a nurse, have a science degree. So, this unconscious connection to science is something I have reflected upon for some time. It is amazing what other people see in an artist's work and I believe it is imperative for an artist to release their work to alternative interpretations. But, as readers of my BLOG would know my work is about life...and science is about life too.

The painting above is 'Duality?', oil on linen, 30 x 30 cm 2009. Please note the question mark in the title. Questioning duality is a philosophical exercise which traverses the boundaries of science and art enticingthe spiritual. These sort of BIG questions are fascinating as the possibilities are endless. The question does not necessarily need an answer. In fact, an 'answer' could be seen as a tragedy. My idea for this image was to somehow suggest that duality as an oppositional construct does not exist, because extremes are merely variations of the same thing. Duality as two opposites proposes a separateness which seems far too simplistic.

I chose to depict my much loved tree-of-life positioned as if the two trees were reflections of each other, yet the colours I have used have been reversed. The upside down bottom tree seems reflective yet it also indicates roots. Is duality really the persistence of connection disguised as seemingly oppositional forces?


Zoe's Art said...

I love your is so sensual and has so much sensitivity in it...please visit my blog and let meknow what you think.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Zoe,
Thanks for visiting my BLOG. I visited your BLOG too and liked your work especially the design component. I see you live in brisbane too. Good place for creativity I think!