Saturday, September 13, 2008


I know I uploaded this image last post, but I have since had the painting photographed properly and you can now get a better idea of what it looks like.

The Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Award was announced during the week at a lovely cocktail evening. I did not win, but I am really happy to have been one of the 57 preselected artists considered for the award. From Monday 15 - Friday 16 Septmeber the exhibition of finalists and some curator's choices will be on show at Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane.

Into The Symphony is a painting which I wanted the viewer to feel embraced going to a wonderful concert and feeling immersed by the music, its nuances, shadows and lights. I wanted to suggest the feeling of a vast expanse revealing its intimate interior. This painting draws on my love of landscape, but collapses the landscape into an entirity rather than its identifiable components. Like previous work I have written about this painting looks different when viewed from a distance than when viewed up close. I like to think of people moving back and forth to understand the painting at its many levels. This dance of movement back and forth mirrors the way I work. I will paint and then move away from the painting to make critical assessments on what my seeing eye of eyeball and pupil wants to achieve and what my mind's eye wants to achieve in the sense of meaning and aura.

Into The Symphony is a painting of wonder. By this I mean my own wondering and therefore questioning. I wonder what it is like to be everywhere at once; I wonder what it might feel like to be inside a mirage; I wonder what small really means and what vast really means-do they eventually collide with each other in a space where size and distance has no meaning? on.

I am interested in re-interpreting the landscape taking it from a place we view to a place we feel. I am interested in the landscape as a 'being' like it is to be a 'human being' of mortal flesh and blood...and spirit.

Please click on the image to make it larger. The you see the detail.

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