Saturday, July 05, 2008


The announcement of the winner of the inaugural LAUNCH: Clayton Utz Travelling Scholarship was this week. The winner is Martin Smith and well done too. The remaining 24 artists
still feel like winners though. Well, I do and I know a few others said they felt like a winner. Part of the reason is that this award has an afterlife beyond the exhibition period because all the finalist's works will be hung at Clayton Utz's office in Brisbane for 6 months. The works are currently on show at Metro Arts in Edward Street until July 12 and will be taken to the legal eagles' office after this date. Apparently over 300 people a day need to visit Clayton Utz and this means that all [or a large %] of these people will get to see the LAUNCH art work. And, the art is for sale. Providing this kind of exposure is a wonderful way to support artists.
It is very exciting to be preselected for an art award. The opportunity to have your work seen by preselectors, judges and then the public is wonderful. But, after the exhibition period, and if your work has not won or sold, it must come home. Clayton Utz and Positive Solutions idea of extending the life of LAUNCH is admirable and appreciated.
Talking of preselections. My entry for the Broken Hill Regional Gallery Works on Paper Outback Award has been preselected. The prize is announced on July 18. This is the third year in a row that my entry has been preselected so I am pleased there are 3 different judges out there who seem to like my works on paper.
The image above is the painting in LAUNCH. Its title is Shared Destinies and my thoughts were about how no matter what our differences etc are we all share this planet. So, ultimately our destinies are common to everyone ie: the BIG picture destiny stuff! The increasing desire to look after the Earth is part of the BIG picture. Through a shared caring we may just find clues to better communication creating a healthy and balanced peace on our planet.
Shared Destinies Oil on linen 120 x 160 cm

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