Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This painting sold a few years ago. It is called 'Go West Young Woman', taking off the old saying, 'Go west young man!' The 5 women are young brides heading out to their futures in remote and rural areas. Often the allure of the rural lifestyle beckons/seduces with promise, not revealing the hardships and lonliness.

But, that idea of 'going west' out into the frontiers can be a metaphor for our own internal lives. Like going places in our thoughts and experiences which stretch and broaden us. Over the weekend I attended FEHVA at Bangalow. It was excellent and certainly extended me. I spent 2 days attending very interesting sessions presented by an array of artists. I learnt a lot and I also came away feeling that I am not alone in my quest to juggle all the elements needed to enable me to paint, exhibit, be inspired and to develop my career as an artist. The sessions were varied from discussions about the struggle to paint, how to manage competitions [preselection, winning and not!], healing, indigineous responses to the apology and so on.

I was very pleased to also be one of the presenters [co-presenting with indigenous artist Sally Harrison]. Our topic was Peace and Reconciliation. Sally spoke about the internal peace she has and continues to find with her art. I spoke about my ideas that art, artists and the conversations which ensue may hold new clues to pathways to peace...so more about external peace.

Bangalow is a great little town and I want to go back to enjoy it some more.

Last Friday night the Churchie National Emerging Art Show opened. I was one of the preselected artists, but was not lucky enough to win. It was just great to be selected.

And, I learnt late last week that I am one of the 25 artists selected for the inaugural LAUNCH: Clayton Utz Travelling Scholarship Award. The 25 paintings will be hung in an exhibition at Brisbane's Metro Arts in July and then they will hang at Clayton Utz [large law firm] for 6 months. One person will win money to go towards travel associated with professional development. So, I am very happy to be one of the 25 artists!

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