Friday, March 21, 2008


Easter break is here and a time to rest! Well, I have just cleaned the house, added to my website, checked out a few leads and now I am updating my BLOG. The kids are away and I have uninterrrupted time! BLISS
Wonderland: An exhibition inspired by childhood @ KILN Gallery is attracting attention and has been extended until Sunday 13 April.
I have been painting and thoroughly enjoying myself. I have also just ordered 4 more huge canvases and look forward to starting on them. The idea of vastness is on my thoughts at the moment. Where does vast begin and end? A cell is vast when we realise there are other minute components which give the cell life. Yet, it can also seem so small. Our house can seem vast yet viewed from a distance it diminishes. The Earth is vast, but seen from space it is just another dot in the galaxy.
I keep an eye on the stock market. It can seem so vast yet it can start to crumble at the drop of a hat [so-to-speak]. I laugh at the term sub-prime! It gives a connotation of being small and unimportant, less than prime/premium. Yet, the collapse of the obviously vast sub-prime world of lending/borrowing has caused vast repercussions around the world. The erosion of confidence which has lead to the credit squeeze has seen vast enterprises and corporations reduced to a fraction of their values of 12 months ago...some crumbling within days. So every little component of a system is important!
So can vastness be attributed to an emotion or a behaviour? I think it can. We can feel 'vastly' happy, sad etc. How about the vastness of greed. Some comentators attribute the floundering financial system to greed which is a pretty basic human foible...some would say sin. So, if the financial system can flounder across the world because of something as basic as greed it certainly does not make our world seem very sophisticated or enlightened at all! If basic greed is the underlying insidious culprit then let's find and encourage systems where greed cannot find a home.
Now...the painting above has nothing to do with greed or the world of global finance...except of course it is for sale! This image is a landscape albeit an ambiguous one. It seems to be turned inside out...its workings are revealed...disclosed, transparent...two of the many words which are bandied around the financial world!!!
Oh yes...check out I have been asked to be one of the guest speakers at this fabulous festival @ Bangalow which is very near Byron Bay.
Water Penetrates The Intimate Vastness 80 x 120 cm oil on linen

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