Friday, February 23, 2007


My digital camera is playing up. It either blurs the focus or now it will not let me see the photos I have taken and download them. It needs a service I think. Another thing to do.

But aside from jobs to do there has been plenty happening that has made me feel content. I read a great article in the Australian Financial Review Magazine today. It was about the CEO of ANZ, John McFarlane. What an incredibly interesting man. He openly discusses his spirituality and his quest for further understanding, his faith and his joy of life. Let's clone him I say! And to top it all off under his leadership ANZ has become one of the world's leading banks. It has won an International Spirit at Work Award. I did not know these kinds of awards existed. But, how wonderful that they do.

It seems there is a growing observation of Spirit at work and present in our lives. Not just the kind found in religious denominations, but in everyday life, living and thinking. I see it in many levels. I am curious that religious beliefs and activity have become something politicians will allow the media to report. I read an interesting article about Hilary Clinton's religious experience recently while I was waiting for my daughter at the Physio. Other politicians, including Australian ones, allow the media a photo opportunities as they exit or enter church. I wonder.

Substance gouache on paper 30 x 42 cm unframed

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