Monday, September 18, 2006


We all share history which is 'time'. History is open to interpretation so it really is about how time is perceived. I am fascinated by the effect the tree of life gives as it appears simultaneously as a tree, brain, watersystem, cracked earth, lymph system and many more system-like things. Possibility is abundant and it is all there for our enjoyment. As each moment passes we have an affect on time. Mind blowing really.

This painting will be exhibited in my next solo exhibition 'Pulse' which opens Friday 13 at Doggett Street Studio Gallery, 85 Doggett Street, Brisbane. 61 7 32529292

"Shared Time" oil on linen 120 x 137 cm


Anonymous said...

Definately very interesting but very good...its unusual and that is good to see

Anonymous said...

This is definately one of my favourites! The colours you have used are very beautiful and have mixed well together. The tone and mood of the painting is very relaxed, and is an image people could gaze at all the day. Great work!!

Anonymous said...

when you look at this in depth, it shows much more than what is seen at first sight. its intricate in a simple kind of way. its good, i love it!

Anonymous said...

amazing artwork!