Cosmic Address Oil on linen 90 x 180cm 2013
Earth Maybe Our Home, But The Universe Is Our Environment
15-27 October 2013
Graydon Gallery
29 Merthyr Rd, New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Earth, Milky Way, Universe!

Art and science met at COSMIC ADDRESS where I exhibited paintings inspired by cosmology, the study of the Universe and its close and far distances, both temporal and spatial. 
The title is inspired by a fantastic book called The new Universe and The Human Future, by cosmologist Prof Joel Primack and his wife lawyer/philosopher Nancy Abrams.
My paintings are not attempts to illustrate scientific discoveries, but rather they are explorations of the possibility revealed by science...the 'what ifs'...or perhaps visual theories? I combine age-old transcultural/religious symbols with imaginary 'scapes' to weave modern day stories which seemingly have no beginning, middle, nor end. How can this be? Each painting has multiple stories...mine, yours, theirs and those not yet imagined. They hold secrets...indeed they do. Yes, my paintings are also fun...and a young man told me so the other day!
The possibility of multiple stories excites me, for many reasons. One of these reasons is that the potential of  multiplicity mirrors my interest in multiple perspective, both literal and metaphoric. I am particularly interested in triggering experiences where the viewer might 'see' multiple perspectives simultaneously. Cosmological research is certainly pushing perspectives to horizons previously never imagined...and in all directions too. It invites...even to engage.
So the idea of a cosmic address is intriguing. An address normally means a place in a particular geographic space. But, in cosmic terms it can also mean a place in time, as well as a literal place within the Universe. But, with an expanding Universe is an 'address' something much more than mere co-ordinates? I'd say yes! In terms of timing, we find ourselves in a position where new perspectives provide insights about humanity and Earth, and the sustainability of both. Earth maybe our home, but the Universe is our environment.
And, what about a Multiverse?

New perspectives demand us to rethink notions of  'landscape'. I have written quite a lot about my thoughts on untethering 'landscape' from Earth-bound horizons. If Earth is our home, and the Universe/Multiverse is our environment new 'landscapes' are being offered, if not demanded. As we discover these new 'landscapes' we may see ourselves and human history differently too.
And, here's a video of the exhibition.

  • I had fun with a recent post called COUNT DOWN ... about the 'count down' to COSMIC ADDRESS, the newly discovered amplituhedron, simulation theories and more.
  • Contemporary films like new flick GRAVITY remind us that our 'environment' extends beyond Earth's atmosphere. Why? GRAVITY'S exciting story about the mayhem caused by space debris is based on a real 21st century issue....SPACE DEBRIS! Please check out SOMETHING ABOUT SPACE
  •  More of the paintings, with price etc details, can be seen at my website's COSMIC ADDRESS 'gallery' 

Please click on the images below [or their titles] to be taken to the posts I wrote for each one.
Cosmic Ouroboros Oil on linen 130 x 150 cm 2012
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 Landscape of Everything Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2013 SOLD

Multiple Landscapes Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm 2013

Hope Oil on linen 80 x 140 cm

 Playing With Landscape Oil on linen 80 x 90 cm

Untethered Landscape Oil on linen 50 x 50 cm

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