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For Everyone Words and Paintings is a book of thirty paintings, each accompanied by some short poetic prose, which is neither descriptive nor didactic. The book is not about me or my work, rather it is about you! Each painting has the capacity to trigger conversation, either with yourself or others, as your inner child or essence is stirred. In an age where electronic and digital media bombard us with images that cross our lines of sight fleetingly, the paintings in For Everyone give you time to ponder and wonder.

The joys and tribulations of friendship
mediate our perceptions of ourselves and other.

Not only is Kathryn a deeply talented, original and inspiring artist, she has a gift for wordsmithing as well! Utilizing the raw power of her art, ‘For Everyone’ is a masterful insight into the very essence of who we truly are, our complexities, our simplicities and who we are meant to be. Dr George Blair-West, Author of The Way of the Quest

In Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox’s book, 'For Everyone: Words and Paintings', the combination of words and images is a gift to the senses. I highly recommend it. Felix Calvino, Author of A Hatful of Cherries

The slimness of 'For Everyone' is misleading. I treated myself to a copy for Christmas as I have been a fan of Kathryn's work. I thought the images and accompanying prose would be a delightful, albeit gossamery experience. I was wrong. And I'm thrilled by just how wrong I was. It has taken me weeks to move through this book with its thought provoking images and emotion prying prose. I've been caught short by the unexpected "ah-has!" the complementary combination has caused. I have found new ways to look at aspects of my life and I am grateful to have had Kathryn's work as a shepherd through these insights. I've put the book down, now, to allow more incubation but look forward to even greater expanded perspectives the next time round. Thank you Kathryn.  

Kimberly dela Cruz Odom, Facilitator and Change Agent

For Everyone is absolutely beautiful and as I read the prose, and looked at the paintings, it was like going on a personal journey of my life. It touched on fond memories of my childhood and reinforced my beliefs in being an individual. As a teacher I know this book could be used in so many ways. In 2011 I organised and ran the Gifted and Talented Program in Writing at my school. Many students in my class published their poetry and stories in an Australian wide writing competition. I am continuing in this position in 2012 and will incorporate this unique book to help my students develop their ideas and be more expressive. The paintings and phrases in For Everyone are great conversation starters. They will also inspire and encourage students to be brave enough to share and express their thoughts and individuality. This book is a fabulous resource for educating and inspiring young people to share the beauty from within! Lou Walsh: Primary School Teacher


The paintings are all gouache on paper 28 x 37.6 cm
[either landscape or portriat orientation]

The paintings in For Everyone call of the inner child or essence which exists within us all. That small voice echoing from childhood, which more often than not subconsciously influences how we react, behave, think, love and hate, judge ourselves and others...and so on.

Indeed, the playground becomes the workplace, the committee, staff room etc. We don metaphoric masks to fit in, rebel...depending on circumstances. What is happening behind the masks? These questions and actions ocurr in childhood and adulthood.
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My experience exhibiting in Abu Dhabi is 2005, where I had many conversations daily with people from across the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, has made me realise that art's profound catalytic agency is its capacity to trigger conversation. By conversation I mean more than chatter. I mean the kind of conversation that provokes wonder, resonates with realisation, brings people together as they 'see' the humanity in the other, dissolves difference to reveal similarities, heals through reflection even though the reflective process may be frought, stimulates questions previously never pondered and thus answers never dreamed of. The kind of conversations that go beyond the immediate encounter to affect future conversations with self and others. These types of conversations, triggered by art, are likely not to end up being about art at all, and that's ok! Art should not be a tether. I'd have to say that at its best art untethers so that imagination and wonder run free, at its worst art tethers itself and viewers to surface skimming and the slippery immediacy of fashion, and thus ultimately forgotten.

  • With its open ended possibilities 'For Everyone' could be a great tool to trigger conversations between counsellors and clients.
  • A parent sitting with a child may find conversations about all sorts of things flow as memories and wonder are triggered.
  • Eldery people pondering the paintings and words may recall memories of the past, thus augmenting oral history outcomes.
  • Relaxing on a couch anyone will be absorbed in contemplation and wonder.



Why do we hide who we really are in the shadows
where we keep a watchful eye on the public self
as it meets and greets the expectations of others?

But what about dreams?


Ever feel that you have disappaeared?
In  order to know who we are, we need to know who we are not.
Finding out who we really are means
we may have to disappear for awhile.

Who Pulls The Strings?

Do you ever feel that someone else is pulling your life strings?
Book Launch

FOR EVERYONE was launched Thursday 23 February 2012! @ FireWorks Gallery
[At the time he was Shadow Minister for the Arts and Member of Indooroopilly: QLD]

The thirty original paintings inside FOR EVERYONE were exhibited too @ FireWorks Gallery 52A Doggett St, Newstead, Brisbane


Since the launch I have had people, who bought one book, return to buy 3, 5 and 10 more books!

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