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Multiple Choice 100 x 70 cm 2015
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When I was a student [primary secondary and tertiary] I hated multiple choice exams! Why? Because, unless it was really clear that a 'black and white' question was asking for a 'black and white' answer, I always saw possibility in 'what if'. Questions may not have been clear enough and thus lead to 'what if' wondering. The choice of answers often triggered 'what if' type pondering. And, before I knew it, I had wasted minutes wondering rather than answering...and I'd run out of time to complete tests. As I got older, I learnt to switch off my wondering and give a tick to the answer that seemed, on first impression, to be the right one. I got quite good at switching off my wondering and I ultimately did better in multiple choice exams...a learned technique got me through. Although, I often still did not finish the test!

However, it did not stop me wondering completely!
Choice, in reality, does require wondering....don't you think? And, that can and should take time.
For instance, as more and more potentially habitable planets orbiting the Goldilocks zone around distant stars are discovered, there seems to be a suggestion that there will be a choice of potential alternative planetary homes for us to inhabit when Earth is compromised/destroyed, either by us or by external natural forces. But, as the recent film Interstellar indicated, it's really not that simple.

I suggest we do need to make massive efforts to ensure the sustainability of Earth! Why? Because, for the foreseeable future it is our only 'home' and we need time to work out what these choices of other 'homes' may mean. It's certainly not a black and white scenario! Let's not precipitate, more than we may already have, Earth's erosion and demise.  Choices of alternative planetary 'homes' requires a lot of wondering, thinking, pondering, calculating and more...and that all takes time. There's a plethora of reasons why we need to ensure Earth's sustainability, and one of them is to give us time to make the right decisions about future inter-planetary human settlement....if it's possible.

MULTIPLE CHOICE Oil on linen 100 x 70 cm
So, with what seems to be almost weekly new discoveries of potential Earth-like planets, I was thinking about choosing another planetary home.

In my painting, the round balls are planets...yep...representative of a multiple choice of planets. Each one is a different colour or shade of a colour, indicating that each offers a different environment that may or may not be conducive for life.

But where one planet could hover, I painted a tree instead. Yes, my much loved age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life. It sends an ambiguous message. And...regular readers know I like ambiguity. It could be Earth/humanity...seeking? Or, it could be our new home, calling out to us; a planet replicating Earth's life sustaining environment? Or...on a more sombre could be life 'lost' in a Universal wilderness.
The painting is a landscape. A cosmic landscape. The red and blue background sets a landscape scene, yet it is not clear where this 'place' might be. It could be ground and sky, or it could be a snapshot of a shadowy, gaseous, dusty place in outer space.
At one instance Multiple Choice is a playful painting ...the colourful balls creating a party-like atmosphere. But, at another instance it suggests a juggling act where time is the essence...where getting the 'exam' 100% correct is imperative!
My Mum, Elsie Brimblecombe, has been exhibiting her paintings for a few years now. She is inspired by the written word. Each of her exhibitions has been themed to a particular writer and book/poems.
This year's exhibition is a series of paintings inspired by the modern Greek poet Yannis Ritsos . The two paintings below will be in Elsie's exhibition.
Place: Upfront Club - 31 Maple St, Maleny, Queensland, Australia.
Dates: 20 February - 18 March 2015
Please check the Upfront Club for opening times - they open from 7.30 am 7 days - you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea there, but just check what days they open till late etc. They also have live gigs there, so you could combine seeing some art and listening to music!
Morning Acrylic on canvas by Elsie Brimblecombe

Association Acrylic on canvas by Elsie Brimblecombe
I received an official request from the State Library of Queensland to allow PANDORA [Australia's National web archive - National Library of Australia and partners] to archive my Blog...
 YES this one you are reading now! 
PANDORA is an official site for archiving 'online publications and websites of lasting significance' and 'research value' in perpetuity. I am really so very happy that my eight year old Blog has been acknowledged this way. 
I have three new 'galleries' on my website that are activated for online buying. This is a new facility for artists using the ArtHives system. My 'galleries' are:
Inner Child Gouache on paper 37.5 x 28 cm 1997
From my book For Everyone

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