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My first January 2015 post was about a painting that was not working out...I had to wipe it. The post is called Sometimes Things Just Do Not Work Out 
After describing what had gone wrong, and my failed attempts to alleviate, I wrote Rubbing, wiping, more turps, scrubbing and scratching, more turps, until finally I now have the linen canvas at a point where I know I can create another painting without the 'shadow' of the combatant one lurking underneath.
The photo above is me wiping the painting.
The photo below is the wiped painting...
The photo below is the resurrected painting! It's called Code and it's nothing like the painting I wiped. However, the red undertones are thanks to the remnants of the previous image. Indeed, I wrote about the wiped painting I now have a new and rather interesting looking base to imagine with...see I am already thinking like the painting and I are in partnership!
Code Oil on linen 60 x 110 cm 2015
Code and I were and are a partnership! We went from this to that together.
That's not to say there weren't any angst moments as I painted. But, these moments were points to reflect rather than dead-ends or 'battle' scenes!
Please read my post for Code ... I discuss my inspirations...tree-of-life as the master template for the Universe, simulation theories and more. Yep, BIG stuff! The photo below is a detail from the painting. It shows my use of actual code...binary code... for LIFE!
LIFE - Binary code - Detail from Code
Also, take note of the computer chip/circuit board sections in the tree that seems to grow from the edge of the painting. The branching appearance in circuit boards has always fascinated me. Reminds me of a tree...and you all know how I like my age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life!
Since I can remember I have been exposed to things like circuit boards, transistors, resistors, aerials and so on. How? Why? Well, my Dad has been a HAM  radio enthusiast since he was a lad. When I was about 11 or 12 I built a crystal [radio] set. I was pretty happy with my achievement and took it out to Dad's HAM shack to hook it up to a wire that I knew was connected to his huge aerial. This amplified the crystal set's receiving ability a lot. Dad's aerial 'punctuated' the flatness of the Pirrinuan Plain, where our grain farm was! See my brother Wilfred Brimblecombe's photo below.
By Wilfred Brimblecombe of the family homestead. HAM shack and aerial on right.
I hasten to add that I am not an expert in electronics. I pursued a humanities at university rather than science. However, long-time exposure to technology has certainly influenced my interest in it, how I approach it and how I integrate it with other areas of interest, including my art. My choice of a traditional medium is deliberate and...enigmatic...paradoxical...but definitely fun! 
I think my exposure to technology, throughout my life, is why I am so interested in things like, Cambridge University philosopher, Prof Nick Bostrom's theory that all of existence is possibly a computer simulation run by post humans who are attempting to re-live, re-create existence, perhaps over and over again. Also, current debates about the possible negative affects of artificial intelligence fascinate me. Again, Nick Bostrom has cautioned, but so has a plethora of other really smart people eg: Stephen Hawking [needs no explanation!], Jaan Tallinn and Elon Musk [both technology entrepreneurs eg: Skype, Tesla, SpaceX], Sir Martin Reese [physicist and cosmologist] , Max Tegmark [cosmologist] and more. In fact the Future Of Life Institute, in Boston and co-founded by Max Tegmark, has recently written an open letter urging people to really think about how AI is developed. It is not anti-AI per se, but calls for deep thought and reflection. The debate recognises that a cross-disciplinary approach is necessary to ensure all angles are probed.
I work in my studio...hours and after day...I ignore household chores...until, for example...the grass is far too long. I then galvanise my energy to mow. The two photos below show me in my studio and starting the mower. Neither activity requires high fashion garments, make-up or other pretty you can see!

But, the third photo below shows me all 'scrubbed up'. Yes, a fun from this to that!

In my studio [aka garage]

Starting the mower
Out and about

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