Sunday, February 04, 2007


I've been reading about the concept of receiving, opening the self up to receive. The idea that to keep a balance in life one needs to both receive and give is very appealing. Many people give and give and give but find it hard to receive without feeling obliged or beholden. The act of constant giving brings them closer to some perception of goodness. The act of accepting brings up all sorts of core concerns about self worth and propriety. Yet, some people take and take without a thought of ever giving. I suppose this also indicates some hidden beliefs about self worth.

A balance of receiving and giving in one's own life provides a easy flow uninterrupted by human concerns of propriety, self worth, assumption, beliefs about goodness etc. I like this idea. I like the idea of balance and ease and unconditional abundant flow. Indeed I welcome it.

Sending Love 3 Gouache on paper 30 x 21 cm ea

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